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Title: 3 month in and big improvements
Post by: shaddyK on May 24, 2019, 02:44:25 PM
Getting Peyronies was the worst thing ever.
Im a good looking, single guy in his mid 30's.
I was diagnosed at the begining of March after an injury triggered my peyronies.
I had a 45 degree bend and huge hard lump on the top of my penis at the point of the bend that was in constant dull pain and even more painful when I could muster a very weak erection. Erections were near impossible to acheive and would barely last long enough to even take a picture.

Thanks to this site and similar ones, I started taking note of what seemed to be working for others and I implimented as much of it as I could.

In 11 weeks my penis has gone from having a 45 degree bend to 15 degrees. The pain is almost totally gone even with erections. My erections have gradually got better, although maintaining an erection is still a struggle. I axctually managed to have sex 2 weeks ago and it may have been some of the worst sex of my life, but not long ago I thought I may never have sex again.

So here is what I have been doing about my peyronies:

Suppliments daily

Pentox 3x400mg
Acetyl L Carnite 750mg
L'Arginine 1000mg
Tumeric 500mg
Boron 6mg
Ginsing 1000mg
Ginko 3000mg
Magnesium 600mg
Vit C 1000mg
Montmorency Cherry 435mg
Fish Oil 660mg
Propolis 1000mg
Co Q10 300mg
Vit D 4000iu
Vit E 400 Iu
Zinc 15mg
Liquid Iodine 1 drop
Pine Pollen Extract with Nettle Root 3 drops
Mushroom Complex-6 12 cap
Heel-n-Soothe 6 caps

I immediately went on a strict ketogenic diet, this was a massive challenge but I believe is hugely beneficial.

Only cold showers no matter what.

Weight lifting 3 times a week, with a lot of focus on squats.

Manual traction, not much, about 5 mins a day.

VED, only about 10 mins a day.

NOFAP.  That means no masterbation at all. I have only masterbated twice in 3 months and that was only to see if I still could.

Fasting.  I started with a 5 day water fast which was very easy, I could have done much longer. So I changed to doing regular 3 day hard dry fasts, that is no food and no water, even water contact for 3 days. This is extremely tough and you need to not be doing physical things and monitor your wellbeing carefully. 
This type of fasting is extremely hard but I believe it is what has had the biggest effect on my peyronies along with the keto diet. 

Title: Re: 3 month in and big improvements
Post by: TonySa on May 26, 2019, 05:11:25 PM
With such an improvement in 11 weeks it may be possible you are in that small group of spontaneous healers.  That said, you certainly attacked it w lots of anti-inflammatory treatments!  Nofap doesn’t have any research or evidence behind it unless one is abusing their dick—painful, and doing it when not at least 80%erect and without lube if circumcised.  Keto and fasting has positive research in terms of anti inflammatory effects—but NOT dry fasting.  Congrats on your success!