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I've been getting thrush from VED.

So I took a break from using it and got prescribed a cream from my doctor.

Once it cleared I started using it again but applied less pressure in the pump.

I've now got thrush for a second time.

It's a redness round the foreskin and light swelling so have taken a break from VED again.

What causes thrush from VED?

Is it not washing the pump regularly or applying too much pressure?
Dealing with health issues like this can be tough, but forums like this make it easier to find support and learn from others.
Did you see the length being regained instantly or was it gradual?

I might have just been approved for surgery in October, I am still waiting for my traction device to be delivered so not much time in between.

I can stretch my penis out flacid and it seems about 4cm at least lost from my original penis before peyronies. Hoping to get at least 2cm back before surgery.
Quote from: sammysosa17 on Yesterday at 08:14:34 AMPeyronies aside, you have a problem with regret. ... If you think you regret those 20 days that you didn't get on Cialias, just wait for the regret you will feel when you are on your death bed and you realize how much of your life you wasted worrying about your penis.

Thanks for the response. I know this well, and have known it, it's just incredibly hard to accept that this life shattering situation is my reality and what's just as difficult to accept is that I could've prevented it. I imagine how I should be saying how lucky I was to have dodged this bullet and how my timing was perfect. And would've been perfect. The pictures from the days of my doc apts I had no real deformity yet, no loss of blood flow and girth. By the time I got the cialis the left side struggles immensely for blood.

I found this quote that seems to further prove what I know:
" There is some evidence that when oxygen levels
become too low, TGF-B1 production increases and prostaglandin production
decreases. If oxygen levels become too low, smooth muscles atrophy and collagen
is overproduced, causing scarring and loss of elasticity and reduced blood flow
to the penis."

Again, I know I have to just accept this, trust me I know - I've been telling myself every day for MONTHS. It's just that in 24, I have venous leakage (it seems) ED, and my dick is so sensitive I can't even last as long in masturbation now. It's really hard not to be reminded every single day of what COULD have been if my dumb ass could've only made a doctors appointment or two or tried harder to get the Cialis which I knew could've saved me. I honestly still can't believe the situation as a whole.
I'm not sure if any of the treatments will still be nearly as good as if I'd just avoided it to begin with.

I keep asking myself will that mistake change the enter course of my life? I guess it already has, but has it permanently altered me and my sex life?? That's a TOUGH pill to swallow.

I just think how easy it is to get out of bed and go despite having only 2 hours of sleep or whatever it was - with that much on the line I should've been much more vigilant. I couldn't believe I slept through the 2nd apt, I couldn't believe I didn't set an alarm and it got away from me. Such a massive failure on my part in my chance for redemption.

I could've not had to have spent the last 7 months scouring the internet for miracle cures and grasping at hope just to lose it over and over toiling away in despair. And for God knows how much longer it'll all afflict me, physically, mentally, confidence, etc.

Obviously I am struggling with the mental part of it yes, that's why I'm in the mental forum. It's just incredibly difficult.
Hey, brothers! I hope you all are doing well.

I just wanted to say that if this condition is taking a toll on your mental health (especially if you are suicidal) then please stop watching porn because that crap is brain wrecking even if you don't have Peyronies Disease...

Porn is the drug of modern world, that crap is good for nothing...

Porn objectifies men and makes us feel that we are nothing more than the size of our dicks... It makes us men feel inferior and mentally F~@ks us in more ways than I can write...

I was a porn addict once and since I got away from porn, my life (and mental health) has got much better...

Try to cut porn from life and see the change in your health...

Thanks for reading, guys, take care!
Peyronies aside, you have a problem with regret. A big part of this disease is the mental battle. You need to win that first.  I've seen several posts on here from you repeatedly bringing up these 20 days. No matter what, you can't change the past. You need to let that go and focus on where you are at now. The past is irrelevant and harping on it will only hurt yourself. Try making your goal each day to focus on what you can control. You have the ability to do heat therapy, traction, VED, supplements. All things that you can use to improve your situation. Find hope in knowing that TODAY you did what you could. Stop thinking about the past. Stop looking at old pictures. There's more to life than your penis. If you think you regret those 20 days that you didn't get on Cialias, just wait for the regret you will feel when you are on your death bed and you realize how much of your life you wasted worrying about your penis.
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Last post by Fadabaco - Yesterday at 07:28:24 AM
M35. I've masturbated for years with too heavy hand and over clothes (as I discovered it as a 12 year old my accident). As teenager noticed my penis was bit pent and then found it had these kinda hard partial rings under skin, around the area that was bending. And like... not hole, but bit of a valley or empty under skin as if I bend it too hard to one side so flesh had to move away. Now my penis is curved downwards, penis head looks thicker and my dick (when limp) feels kinda heavy at the tip when I bend over naked (when doing bed because it's too hot here to wear clothes).

I guess that's Peyronie's disease?

I visited doc in my late 20s, he just said the hard part is just my penis head, but he didn't really make me get hard there and I'm very much a grower, not a shower so not sure if he maybe didn't get what I meant.

Then few years later had very stressful situation during lockdown where I masturbated, then did it again and again, but I was soft, I put too much pressure, my penis took damage, got smaller, misshaped, was swollen and one side thicker, but that pulled back. But it's still smaller now and foreskin is lot wider around it.

   1) Can such tissue damaged cause cancer? Could Peyronie's disease cause cancer?

   2) Could Peyronie's lead to loss of penis If it keeps progressing?

I hate the scar tissue. It's a pretty decent size along the left side. Quite visible even when flaccid with a visible curve. My dick has shrunk and changed a lot. I look at pictures of it hard from before and I can't even believe how big it was. I'm still a good size now because it was so big naturally but it was huge before and it really sucks to lose all that length and girth to become just above average but nothing fantastic. Plus the pain and the curve. Thinking that I could've stopped this scar tissue from forming, which is the very essence of what this disease is - it does haunt me. The head gets and retains much less blood and does not get as big. Noticed it ever since the day I started Cialis - the deformity and different shape and different head shape. It haunts me still to be honest. Is this my story now? The guy who used to have a really big dick and be amazing at sex and now I'm 24 and can only get a level 3 erection out of 4 and am incredibly sensitive and my sex life and confidence has been greatly diminished. Is this really all just because I let 20 days go by from missing my appointments by a few minutes, that I should've put SO much more importance and made it there NO MATTER WHAT! Not just once, but twice I failed to get there. My dick feels like damaged goods now, like the scarred remnants of what was. I've never even had a girlfriend. I've never had consistent sex for more than like 8 days in my life. Will that forever be the highlight of my sex life now? Will I never know that passion and the passion of true great sex life and love now? Is my sex life f'~c<+d? Will women leave me? Will I be able to date or marry or keep a woman without her cheating? I am only 24. I should not be having these thoughts. But I do every day now.
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Last post by Pfract - July 16, 2024, 08:55:53 PM
Interesting to know you have started the perito exercises. As far as I remember you are the only one trying this out. I am hopeful it brings you some improvement to your situation in the near future!.