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Urologist told me why I developed Peyronies

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I visited my new Urologist today. Dr.Goldberg in Dallas,TX. He was one of the selected doctors for the Xiaflex trials and deals with a great many Peyronies cases. He follows Dr. Levine's treatment and protocol.
I would not say he has the best "bed side manners" a little gruff and very direct although I did like him. I have had Erectile Dysfunction for a long time and Viagra quit working well for me 2 years ago. My old URO put me on Bi-Mix shots. The erections often lasted 3.5-4 hrs. Every once in awhile 5 hours and then I would have to give my self a Neosynephrine shot into the penis for erection reversal.

He told me that the accumulated time without blood flow is surely the cause. Luckily I have a small plaque and my bend is upwards towards the end of my penis and is not very noticeable.

He prescribed Pentox 3 times daily and gave me literature on the penimaster. But I like the way the Restorex looks and it has a ounter action to it.