Is The "Middle" Cylinder The Same As The "Standard" One Cylinder Size?

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Hey guys,

So getting ready to purchase either the Soma 1 cylinder system or the Soma 3 cylinder system from Augusta Medical.

To be completely honest, I don't really want to mess with the 3 different types of cylinders, and would prefer the one cylinder model.

However, I want to make sure I get the correct fit around the base. With that said, is the "middle" cylinder found in the 3 cylinder system the exact same as the "standard" cylinder you get in the one cylinder model? I'm assuming that's the case but I have no idea.


So much more flexibility w the three cylinders, protocol here recommends alternating sizes from week to week as well.
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Hi, think if you buy the single cylinder unit you get cylinder 'C' (about 7" girth)  or their is a XL unit (about 8" girth) with the larger girth.

also the cylinder 'A & B' fit inside cylinder 'C' which connects to the pump.
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