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The ved I have is the pos t vac ivp 600. It's a manual pump with a b cylinder. I shaved my pubic hair and apply a tight seal but I am not getting any erection when pumping. I pumped a ton and I got just a little increase in blood flow. Then I would press the red button and my penis would like deflate. How do I get it to work? Or is the device possibly messed up.


I am just figuring out the VED myself. But I think it sounds just right. You are not supposed to overpump or go to a full erection! Go slow... be patient...
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just take your time, it sounds like its working but not as fast as you would like, put plenty of lube gel on your penis shaft and glans, just take it a little at a time.
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Write a PM to Old Man, he will be happy to help.
He is our Guru in the subject

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Keep practicing and use lots of lube ..also shave or trim your hair