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* Hey guys, this is our finalized letter to be used for volunteers in the Mass Mailing Project, you can add in your own header if you want for Dr. Name and Address Etc, however we should not stray from the standardization of this letter representing the PDS.  I wish everyone the best of luck with this project and their mailing efforts.  The easiest way to print this letter, is to copy and paste into a microsoft word document, save it to your computer and print it that way. If anyone notices any spelling errors, please PM me and I will make the appropriate changes, my eyes are giving me a headache from all the reading I do on this forum  :) and I can't promise this to be perfect! Also when printed this letter goes on to a second page, actually the last line "Peyronies Disease Soceity," to avoid this the font can be changed to "11" to keep the letter on one page or 11.5 if your word processor allows it.*

Dear Peyronies Disease and ED Treatment Provider,

We are writing you and your patients on behalf of the Peyronies Disease Society, an organization operated exclusively by Peyronies Disease patients, for Peyronies Disease patients.  We remain free from any obligation to pharmaceutical companies or other medical institutions, and don't endorse any specific treatments.  We welcome doctors, patients, sales representatives, and anyone who is interested in learning more about Peyronies disease, and engaging in an honest exchange. With so few outlets for sufferers, and their loved ones who are also affected, we understand the importance of a place they can go for support. We are a completely free website, and charge no fees at all whatsoever!

Recently we've started a direct mailing project intended to bring awareness to the medical community of our society's existence, and to inform doctors and patients of the extensive support group available at their fingertips. Our forum offers members the opportunity to join with complete privacy, we take great strides to assure this, and we understand this disease is embarrassing for some. We do not collect or sell any data or information of the patient. We currently count about 4,000 members spanning the entire globe, reflecting the diversity of those suffering from Peyronies Disease. Additionally, our organization is exclusive in offering the only Private Female Forum for women who are indirectly suffering from the effects of Peyronies Disease, and want to talk to other women for support. Support from others who cope with this disease is vital for a healthy mind.

We encourage you, and your patients to visit the chat forum at
Additionally, our society's web page can be found at

We look forward to hearing from you and your patients on our forum, and appreciate the time you take to discuss support, and treatment options with your Peyronies Disease patients. We understand that Peyronies Disease and Erectile Dysfunction often go hand in hand, and welcome any ED sufferers to our forum as well, even if they may not have Peyronies. Thank you for taking the time to hear from us, we encourage you, and your patients to join our forum, and contact us through our web page, and chat forum.


Peyronies Disease Society