My history - spouse of Peyronie's sufferer

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Hi y'all! About 3 years ago my husband, "H," and I both noticed his penis was getting shorter and also curved.  Asked the URO about it and he said "H" had probably injured his penis at some time.  The only injury "H" ever suffered was when he had a huge kidney stone that had to be removed this same URO, who of course denied that that could be the problem.  "H" and I are absolutely sure this is the injury that caused the problem because symptoms showed up quickly after surgery.  "H" keeps asking every year, at every checkup, if there is anything they can do, but I think the URO thinks that we are too old to want to have a sex life anymore and just brushes us off.  I get the impression that he thinks that when we reach our late 60's and early 70's, that we no longer should have any interest in sex...WRONG!!! We are in our very early 70's and have had an active sex life for all of our 50+ years of marriage and are not ready to give it just yet, at least not without a fight.  We live in east Tennessee and really need some guidance as to where to find a Peyronie's specialist, not just an ordinary URO. Any help or suggestions appreciated, especially for a excellent, compassionate, URO who knows what to do about Peyronie's.


Contact me if you like, my husband's story is similar in some ways.

- Katy


Welcome "neighbor"!  I live in southern Middle Tennessee myself.   How arrogant to think that sex is not important at any age!  Don't give up! Me and my husband have been dealing with Peyronies since February this year.  I have researched specialists that are within driving distance for us too as I'm not very impressed with our local urologist and his "wait and see" advice.  I've added a link to Dr. Douglas Milam who practices in Nashville with and office also in Franklin.  He has been recommended by some on the forum.  Douglas F. Milam M.D. - Home Feel free to message me anytime.