Stretching, remodeling scar tissue, and being erect

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I went to a second urologist yesterday who I thought was a Peyronies Disease specialist, but sadly he announced to me that Peyronies Disease and Erectile Dysfunction are not his areas of specialty. It seems that there are no Peyronies Disease Specialist in the Utah area.  >:(

The doctor was very nice and we sat a talk for about 20 minutes on some things I could do to help the bend in my penis. He stated a recent study, still looking for it, about scar remodeling for Peyronies Disease and using stretching exercises while erect. He suggested that whenever I have a chance, usually early morning erections, I should gently, slowly, and for about 5 to 10 minutes maintain the erection and bend my penis the opposite direction of the curve. He states that this is a very slow process, but patients have seen a reduction in curvature over time. I am only 20 degree curved and have good functionality. I am very early in my stage of Peyronies Disease and worry that the bend will get worse over time and have read that you shouldn't bend your penis while erect.

I would like to have any feedback. If I can prevent any further bending that would be awesome. I can live with what I have right now.
Peyronies Disease started in October 2017
Use Pentoxifylline - headaches and increased Erectile Dysfunction
Daily stretching and molding exercises
Use castor oil, vit e, and scare tissue oil - topical


I have never heard of such study and would be hesitant that it exists; especially since he is not a peyronie's specialist.  Everything I have seen as far as stretching, traction or remodeling is while flaccid.  I would NOT recommend you do what that doc told you.  Try and find the study, and if there is a study, look at the amount of people in it, etc. 

Dont try and bend your penis while erect! 


Do NOT bend an erection, once again do NOT bend and erection!
Your urologist sounds like an 'idiot'.  >:(

We all have Tunica Albuginea (white sheath tissue that surrounds 2 corpus cavernosum), it is 6-8 times thinner when the penis is erect!

So when flaccid the Tunica is 2mm thick, when erect it's 0.25mm thick.

Have you tried manual stretches?, They would be as follows;
Use thumb and index finger to form an OK grip behind the glans (immediately behind the head). If uncircumcised roll back the foreskin first.
Whilst doing controlled breathing (to relax) pull your flaccid penis straight out, it should be very easy and absolutely no pain, do these as many times as feels comfortable.
You will/may need to think un-sexy thoughts as it will be easy for an erection to try and form, that is only natural LOL.
You can then mix things up over a few days by stretching up, to the sides and downwards too.
Once these are completed you can, if you want roll your penis (still flaccid) from side to side using both palms of your hands, like rolling dough (for example), this will help with blood flow.
I have other stretches also but I will not disclose those for fear of guys going overboard and causing injuries.
Guys, It make take 6-12 Months for notable results, yes that's right  ???

If you want give reverse kegels a shot, these will help relax the pelvis. Reverse kegels feel like when you try pushing pee out with more force than usual, you don't have to do these specifically whilst peeing though LOL.

I should add here that warming your penis up first using a warm moist towel (for example) is important to avoid any injury, although with this routine that would be slight.
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