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Hello, everyone! I'm 27, and I'm from New York. Here is my story:

October 2017 - December 2017: Began using cocaine recreationally and having wild sex. I might have developed what NeoV refers to as "pre-ronies" in this time, as I noticed a soreness, but I honestly have no idea; that could have been due to the excessive usage.

January 12th, 2018: While having sex on ecstasy and for ~6-8 hours straight (with breaks; I knew about Priapism and was very worried about it) I completely and spontaneously lost my erection towards the end. Was able to finish afterwards, though.

January 19th: From the 12th until this point I honestly didn't notice any symptoms. On this night I masturbated for a prolonged period on cocaine. No issues, but my penis was extremely sore that night, and from that day forward I have had some of the classic Peyronie's symptoms which I had not had before: sore penis, lost girth, 10-15 degree curvature to the left in the top 1/3 of my penis.

January 19th-28th: I did not know what was going on and engaged in normal sexual activity, which did not include drugs but did include 1-3 orgasms per day via masturbation or sex.

January 29th: Through research, I realized something was seriously wrong, diagnosed myself with Peyronie's, and began more intense research.

January 30th, 31st: Began cutting down drastically on sexual activity, going from two orgasms/day to an average of two/week.

February 1st: Began manual traction.

February 7th: This incident occured: Corpus spongiosum progress. - Peyronies Society Forums which I believe was the onset of my CPPS.

February 12th: Took a break from traction, heat, erection checks, and sexual activity (which I was having trouble abstaining from); complete rest for my penis, no touching.

February 13th: I received CoQ10, L-Arginine and Acetyl L-Carnitine in the mail. Began taking all three.

February 14th: At night, I realized that my corpus spongiosum and glans had mostly refilled and the numbness I had was a lot better, as well as the pelvic floor tension.

February 19th: Restarted heat and traction therapy.

February 23rd: Received Cialis. Began taking 5mg orally.

March 6th: Had my first urologist appointment. Got officially diagnosed with Peyronie's, and referred to a Peyronie's/erectile dysfunction specialist, and argued intensely about whether or not I have mild venous leakage; he believed I didn't, I believed I did.

March 13th: Received and began taking Pentox most of the time from this point forward with occasional lapses because I'm ordering it from Mexico.

April: Reduced Cialis dose to 2.5mg due to difficulty abstaining. Further reduced Cialis to zero due to difficulty abstaining from sexual activity; I consider abstinence more helpful. Also stopped heat therapy, as it was irritating my CS/urethra.

May 5th: Saw a second urologist that specialized in erectile dysfunction. I was told the issues with my spongiosum/glans that I believed were venous leakage could be CPPS, which I now believe is correct. I personally classify it as "Hard Flaccid Syndrome" which you can learn more about here: https://www.urologynews.uk.com/features/synopsis/post/hard-flaccid-syndrome

May 26th: Scheduled a consultation with US Stem Cell Clinic for June 5th.

June 14th: Received an ultrasound and no scar tissue was found on the ultrasound other than a small amount going down the length of the cavernosum where it stops and the corpus spongiosum/urethra begins, although my uro did acknowledge a broad area of the shaft felt thickened. My uro, who scoffed at my alternative treatments such as Pentox and traction at first, admitted that they perhaps have contained my plaques thus far.

June 16th: Stopped all oral supplementation including Pentox/Cialis in preparation for stem cell therapy.

June 25th: Quit smoking marijuana and cigarettes, as well as drinking alcohol.

June 26th: Received Adipose-Derived Stem Cells suspended in Platelet Rich Plasma via four injections directly into my penis. Two at the base on either side, two under the head on either side.

July 3rd: Began vaporizing THC at a low temperature.

July 14th: Received prostate examination, was diagnosed with a slightly enlarged prostate, and again suspected non-bacterial chronic prostatis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Was put on stool softener (not sure why) with planned pelvic floor physical therapy if that doesn't do anything. Was given a date in late August with my uro for a visual analysis of my urine stream.

August 9th: Restarted all oral therapies and heat therapy.

August 13th: Measured myself in preparation for VED. There is a half inch girth gain towards the tip of my penis that I attribute to stem cell therapy.

August 15th: Began VED therapy. After the first night of pumping, my penis feels less like it is divided into sections, and now feels more whole.

August 22nd: Saw Urologist, was prescribed a week of high/max dose (2400/mg day) Ibuprofen and several other medications to combat chronic prostatitis/CPPS which is the cause of my hard flaccid, tense pelvic floor and partially deflated glans/CS.

September: Stopped consistent VED due to lack of consistentcy with Pentox availability. I now VED only when I have Pentox. Plan on getting a large supply for a serious push at restoring lost dimensions (mainly girth) with VED in the future.

October 21st: Received Voltaren Max 2% anti-inflammatory gel; began applying to penis daily. Also received Kanchanar Guggulu and began taking 3 grams per day (based on this study: https://www.ijrap.net/admin/php/uploads/1486_pdf.pdf)

November: Ran out of Kanchanar Guggulu, had no perceivable effect so discontinued.

December: I stopped literally ALL treatments and began Water Fasting using the Snake Diet protocol.

January: Continued water fasting. Here is the thread: Water fasting. - Peyronies Society Forums [Page 3]

February: Completely healed my painful dent via fasting Before/During pics: https://imgur.com/a/OVkQg2Y After pics: https://imgur.com/a/Nh11AEs Also saw improvement in my hard flaccid syndrome.

March: Completed my water fasting. Now moving onto Dry Fasting and documenting my journey in this thread: DRY FASTING - Peyronies Society Forums

March 18th: Had my first appointment with a pelvic floor physical therapist. She was great and she found multiple very tense trigger points internally that need release. Going back for weekly appointments from now on so she can work on them.

March-September, Dry fasted nonstop (with refeeds of course) between 3-9 days. Achieved 80% permanent reduction in inflammation. Saw great results in hard flaccid, but partially reversed them when I orgasmed a few times, edged and smoked weed. Abstinence + therawand + extended fasting = the eventual cure to hard flaccid, in my opinion.

Regrets: Not fully abstaining from porn, masturbation and orgasm for the duration of my Peyronie's to heal my Hard Flaccid Syndrome. Not fasting sooner.

Thoughts: Squatting while masturbating eliminates post-ejaculation pain/hard flaccid deformity caused by CPPS. If you still have decent erectile function and you are abstaining from sexual activity, be careful when applying traction, as you could gain an erection mid-stretch and hurt yourself. This goes for hard flaccid as well. Seat warmers on full blast in cars work wonders on tense pelvic floors, as do "donut" cushions. Some supplements can taste and smell nasty. Never manipulate your erect or semi-erect penis in any way, shape, or form. And most importantly: Stay positive. It has helped me immensely, and I notice that my penis has a lot of trouble performing at the first sign of anxiety or depression. Stay mentally strong! I'm still pursuing women. Although my Peyronie's was most definitely self-inflicted, I do not regret my actions. Would I prefer not to have these afflictions? Of course. But I thoroughly enjoyed each and every night in those few months.

Future: I will continue fasting in order to fully cure myself. I also have some pelvic floor physical therapy scheduled to combat the hard flaccid syndrome. My number one priority at this time is not causing any further injury to myself. I also have been keeping photo record of my little buddy's journey, which I may or may not post. I'll update this thread as much as I can. Also, check out Neo's YouTube channel on Peyronie's: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjX1naIryWc6pennKOHWbgg/videos it's great and has helped guide and comfort me throughout this entire process.

Good luck to you all in your own journeys.

Do your homework before attempting a prolonged fast. JS1991 Timeline - Peyronies Society Forums (updated)