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I've been doing VED for the last month. I have about a 20 degree curve when fully hard, but more so a bad dent on the top/ buckling an inch from the base when erect which shows up when I am about half hard. I have no pain, elasticity is great, no pain after masterbation anymore.

I am also doing Traction but the dent seems to get WORSE temporarily for a few days...I think this is because I am disturbing the scar tissue and that causes inflammation from traction around that area

After a VED session of 15 min the dent/ buckling goes away until I am about over 60% to full hard.

Should I keep going with the VED AND Traction? Traction is helping with my flexibility...or should I just continue with the VED instead..maybe do traction later. I only have about 40 hrs in the traction device so far.

Thoughts on this?


I am also very happy with the VED.  For about 3 years, my deformity was clearly visible from hard flaccid to full erection.  After my recent 3 months of VED almost everyday.  Wow. My penis looks normal up to about half way of the erection.  The deformity has slowly gotten better.  Full erection is also slightly better, but the benefit is the functionality of it. It is getting hard and staying that way, where before, I thought my penis was going to fall off let alone be confident in bed. 

I dropped the traction.  It only ever cause me pain.  I will be doing VED for as long as it takes.  If I have to do this for 10 years I will, even just to get the benefit of the hardness and confidence it gives me. 

Imagine, constant blood flow, in an out, for years, expanding the tissue, slowly and gently.  If this is the result thus far, I am convinced this is beneficial,  where as in the beginning, I really had my doubts that anything would help this curse. 


Traction doesn't cause me pain but wondering if it made your deformity temporarily worse? I really don't want to drop traction if it's typical reaction to dents and gets better with time.


I suspect it's not the same for everyone, even if just given the different ways and amount of times we do it.  Maybe experiment, and go with what seems to be giving you results.  You can always modify as you go along.
PxD 2 yrs 9/16.  Failed all treatment. 9/11/18: excision, grafting & implant Dr Karpman MtnView Ca, AMS CX 18cm + 3-1cm RTEs.
Pump failed.  2/11/20 Dr Karpman installed Titan 22cm +1cm RTE.


Quote from: swiss on January 27, 2018, 01:36:54 PM
Traction doesn't cause me pain but wondering if it made your deformity temporarily worse?

You know what, this condition is absolutely confusing to me, the penis seems to have a mind of its own.  All I know is I never got obvious visual benefits and my pain never subsided like it did with the VED.  Have the peni master pro btw. Also other cheaper noose ones from Ebay.

But, what I do know is that traction for me, was such a pain in the ass to use. It seemed to make things worst, but also could have been too much tension for me to handle at the time, who knows. Maybe in the future I will try again and I will be saying something different.  For now, thats not the case and not to close in the future.

For you, could be completely different story.  I say start slow, very very slow with everything you try.  Work your way up, slowly.


That's really great news about the VED results. Have you tried gentle traction by hand? With manual traction, I focus on the angle, and not so much the tension. I think this alone is very healthy for the penis. I don't know how I feel about high tension traction really.


I haven't tried manual traction. I actually feel the tension during traction at the area where my dent is...that's if I try to do VED with a straight flaccid. If I go in a tiny bit arroused I feel the tension near the tip of my penis. This is why I started doing the VED from soft even though I don't really get much erection at all...just a legit deep pull inside. Not sure why this is...but I suspect the scar is blocking something even though my erections are fine and daily.