30 y/o with possible Peyronies Disease -- semi-erect curve

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Hello all,

I think I recently injured my penis. I had a vigorous masturbation session about a week ago and I woke up the next day with a semi-erect penis that was kind of curved. By semi-erect I mean it was still soft but in between flaccid and erect, like 70%. It was curved to the left about 30 degrees. The next day I woke up and it was even worse. I had been doing some cardio exercise which I think increased the blood flow and this time the penis was like closer to 80% erect and curved and I think I had been sleeping on it weird.

Each time I kept checking my full erections and there is no change, they are still straight. But when the blood starts deflating it kind of curves to the left some. Since the scary morning half-erection 2 days after I've been waking up with full, straight wood. But when it deflates it curves a little.

Flaccid has been hurting some but getting better, each day it feels "spongy" for a greater portion of the day. Though I occasionally get the "hard flaccid" state. I went to a urologist yesterday and I explained to him what happened and he did a manual exam. He said it felt "pretty normal" and then "completely normal". I don't know if he is an expert on Peyronies Disease but he seemed to have some experience. He said that as long as its straight when its erect then I don't have a problem.

This happened to a lesser extent (the semi-erect curve) 3 months ago, same scenario, and I basically just stopped masturbating for an extended period of time and it went away. I used small doses of cialis for sex and then eventually stopped using the cialis and everything seemed fine. The semi-erect curve seems to happen more often when I get spontaneous or nocturnal erections.

I don't want to overthink this. But I also want to prevent things from getting worse if I do have Peyronies Disease. Are any of you familiar with this kind of semi-erect curve but straight when erect? Should I just wait it out or try to go see another specialist? Or start traction and cialis immediately? I have an unfilled prescription for cialis so I could get my hands on that pretty easily.

Thank you for any advice you guys may have. Obviously I'm pretty concerned about this. I'm still in the single/dating phase of my life and my mind immediately jumped to the catastrophic no woman will ever except me type of thinking.


I'm no expert, but your urologist does see men all the time with this condition, so he should know what he talking about.  That doesnt mean he cant be wrong, my urologist said not to worry about it and there was nothing you can do anyway except surgery.  I did my own homework, and found an expert in the field, I dont know if mine is going to get better, but at least I know that i am doing what can be done.  I guess what I would say is your are most responsible for your own health, if you are still worried, see another urologist, maybe someone familiar with peyronies.  If you get the same answer, then you can be pretty confident that you are ok.  If you get a different answer then you can move forward with treating.

As for the woman thing, I was seeing a woman from out of state, I saw her in March and everything was normal, in May I first saw the curve of about 30 degrees.  When she came in June I had lunch and explained the whole thing, she was completely supportive.  Were at the point of making jokes about it.  I 'm lucky because I can still perform, although it takes a little guiding in now, and sometimes a little pain at the beginning.  I guess my point is that  woman should be understanding ...
55 - Onset May 2017.  38 degree bend up.  Failed Xiaflex treatment.  Still functional so I decided to stop treatments.  Only take 400mg Co-Q10 and occasionally use Restorex


Thanks for sharing KeepTruckin. I think your experience seems the most similar to what I'm experiencing now. Since a month ago I've been getting curves in my semi-erect penis (always around 50-75% or so) some mornings after waking up. Sometimes it curves left, sometimes it's perfectly straight, a few rare times it curves right (weird that it curves both sides, i know...). It's not a major curve (around 20 degrees) but it's definitely not just my penis tilting at the base. I'm sure it's a curve. There is no palpable plaque that the two Peyronies-experienced urologists I've been to could feel and they've both said they're quite certain it's not Peyronie's. However, their might be some very slight aching in my flaccid penis sometimes, though this is not really noticeable. My erect penis is also still as straight as before.

Was your case also like this? I noticed that you mentioned "The semi-erect curve seems to happen more often when I get spontaneous or nocturnal erections." so I wonder if this means it typically only happens in the morning for you. If so, did it happen every morning? I would like to see if you've been experiencing similar situations as I have been.

Also, how's your condition now? Did the condition worsen, get better, or pretty much just remained the same. I've noticed you haven't been online for a while now, so hopefully that's a good sign. Cheers.


Maybe to be safe start on coq10 300-400 mg per day.  Its a antioxidant, good for your heart,possible good for Peyronies.  Since you feel some slight aching, you might be very early in the process, even before the plaque forms.  Its a little expensive, but might be worth starting with ..
55 - Onset May 2017.  38 degree bend up.  Failed Xiaflex treatment.  Still functional so I decided to stop treatments.  Only take 400mg Co-Q10 and occasionally use Restorex


Hey KeepTruckin, if you are at all still active, I'd like to know if you have any updates on your condition. Reading through your post your condition is very similar to mine. It's been almost 4 months since my first symptoms. The funny thing is the left curve hasnt seemed to progress at all though my flaccid/semi-erect penis is curving right more regularly. But like you, my erections are still completely straight (I've been comparing pictures). So yeah, love to know if there's any updates from you, especially with the state of your erect penis.