Penimaster Pro Sluice Latex Tip

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Replacing the sluice latex on a regular basis can be a little pricey, but to help prolong the life I have found that when you replace a sluice don't discard the old one.

Clean it and keep it.

Then when your next one needs replacing, simply retrieve the previously used one, and fit it over the top of the existing one ( a bit fiddly , but it will fit !)

I feel it helps in two ways.

1. It has the effect of restoring the feel of a brand new one, and can improve the grip.

2. Once they have both been fitted, it will be a lot longer before they will need replacing again.

You can more than double the lifespan (and save money !)



Check my post on using ballons instead of buying new sulice.


Fitting the used sluice over the existing sluice? in what positoin? first fitting the sluice over the ring and then fitting the other one over it?


Here is the link with my mods for the balloon substitutions.,14580.msg136422.html#msg136422 .  You have to try different balloons as they all can fit a little differently.
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