Latest Xiaflex injection caused ZERO bruising & swelling. Very strange...

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Weird thing.  The other day, I had my 4th injection.  Shot #2 of the second round.  Each of the three injections prior to this one produced profound swelling and bright purple bruising that migrated all around the area.  Also, considerable pain.

This time,  No swelling, no discoloration, no pain apart from the sting at the injection site.  It's as if I had no injection at all.

Does this sound normal?  I was under the impression that the swelling and bruising showed that the Xiaflex was working to kill the plaque.  Is there a placebo dose in the 4-round course of treatment?

I contacted my doctor at the 24-hour mark and told him  He said there is no 'normal' when it comes to this medicine.  He says he sees patients with significant bruising and swelling, and others with none.  He said I'm not to worry.

Anybody have this non-response to a Xiaflex injection?


I didn't made Xiaflex injections, but some people reported that had no bruising an no pain

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I had bruising and swelling immediately following my first injection, by the time of my second injection it was improving and after my second injection the bruising and swelling didn't worsen at all.  Doc said the swelling was a good sign the med was working.  Guess the first shot worked better than their first?
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I have had both swelling and no swelling during my 8 cycles. I found that using a 200+ gauss magnet on the underside of the penis reduced swelling.


I had three injections with absolutely no bruising or swelling and the last one with horrible bruising swelling and pain. I think that maybe he missed the plaque this time. I'm considering calling it quits.
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I also had 8 cycles. Some very bruised and swollen - some, no bruising and swelling. Wrapping helped. Used Restorex. Very happy with my results.


My first three rounds had bad bruising and swelling - my last two were like you with no swelling or bruising - however, there was still improvement - so I think it just is different in everybody.  The first time that there was not any bruising and I went back for the follow up shot a few days later, I told the dr not to take that as a challenge...haha