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Author Topic: 2 months traction - Increased flexibility, increased indentation thoughts?  (Read 1851 times)

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Hey Guys,

Wanted to get some advice here. I have been doing traction for about 2 months now and have seen increased flexibility. Which is good. I have an upward curve of about 18 to 20 degrees which isnt that bad. however, I cannot have sex because of a waisting/ banding on only the TOP of my penis. I havent has any real major changed to the state of my dick and not really any increase in pain or discomfort. In fact, things have been looking up. I notice as I increase hours in the traction device (now 3+ hours a day) that during full erections there is an increase in the depth of the hourglassing though it does not wrap around...this increases my bend slightly. My guess is that the traction is sort of flaring up the horizontal scar tissue still present that is causing the banding (I can feel where the band of scar tissue sits, though it is not calcified and is pretty soft.)

I have a VED. I think the increase in flexibilty is good..but also if I could get rid of the banding then I could have sex again without problems even with my curve in certain positions. Has anyone been combining therapy? Should I switch to VED for a while and then go to traction later once the hourglassing corrects?



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I want to ask you what happened to your condition
Replace this text with critical info about your case
such as age
first symptoms (deformity, Erectile Dysfunction)
official diagnosis
treatments tried
relationship status
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