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New 22 year old - looking for insight

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I don't know much about what is going on, and if it's going to be a life battle or not. Would like some insight from you guys. Started experiencing Erectile Dysfunction/ penile/testicular pain and nerve pain in my groin about 14 months ago. A month after symptoms started, I got diagnosed pelvic floor dysfunction and prescribed pentox.
Fast forward an anxiety filled, stressful year to today, at the point, my penis does not have any bends along the shaft (never did.) From the base, my penis is slanted to the left (looking down), but not with every erection. Also, when achieving an erection, I do occasionally get an hourglass before fully erect. I do struggle with Erectile Dysfunction and some erections do cause pain, primarily on the left side of the base.
Last week, I went to get checked for a venous leak. I do not have venous leakage, thankfully. This visit did officially reveal, through ultrasound, that I do have fibrosis in my penis near the base, and also somewhere along the shaft but I cannot remember specifically, and that I have an extremely desensitized penis. I am currently taking pentox, cialias 2x a week, trazodone (told it helps with nerve sensitivity), l carnitine & vitamin B. I can tell the cialis is helping with my morning wood.

I am diagnosed peyronies & pelvic floor dysfunction.

Any insight would be appreciated....


Venous leak is hard to identify. So many young men have the onset of Erectile Dysfunction with peyronie's and somehow their ultrasounds come back negative for venous leak. Did you ask your doctor why you have Erectile Dysfunction? Did he give you a satisfactory answer?

Sounds like you don't really have any deformity, is the left slant new? is it severe?

You have mostly pain and Erectile Dysfunction. The pain should... go way. The erectile dysfunction is another story. With no significant deformity and Erectile Dysfunction you will be treated like all other Erectile Dysfunction patients:

1. oral meds (cialis/viagra)
2. injections (trimix etc) not recommended for peyronie's patients.
3. VED, muse suppository, cock rick
4. Penile implantation

The things you're taking right now are all you can do at this point. Keep taking them and try to forget about it. That's all the medical field has for you and me, sorry my friend. See a pelvic floor physical therapist.