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New to the group and was reading about the positive results from castor oil. I would love to hear more about it.


There is a possibility that castor oil may be of benefit. However the problem is how to get it to the problem area!?

Obviously, castor oil cannot penetrate the dermis to reach the problem. Some have tried using it combined with DMSO to try and help castor oil and other possible remedies to reach the problem area.  


I've seen a guy on a YouTube channel saying he marinated his penis in castor oil in a condom over night for 3 months and it cured it ?!  I'd like to hear if someone on here has tried that ?! It seems too good to be true !  


pjchap, don't get your hopes up unrealistically, if this worked it would be the 'go-to' treatment for peyronie's.

If you try it for that period of time then please update us all  :)
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Yea Paulo , thanks for the grounding , I really want to believe / hope it's going to be that simple that I just want to believe it's the answer !! I have been applying it for one week and it's had some effect on blood flow somehow for sure !! Very slight!! I have a nodule at the end to the left of my penis , feels like a small stone in it  that restricts the blood flow on the left side! I've about a 25degree bend as a result , I can have sex , it can be awkward tho and I've lost girth in the middle too!  I just hope somehow it dissolves and then the blood flows easy and it returns to a strong upright dick again ! 🙏🏽 Here's hoping to a breakthrough!  


A patient of mine told me she was able to get rid of a very large cyst with castor oil.
Snake Diet + 5-day fasts + pentox + NeoV's stretching routine + Mito Red Light. Curvature 99% gone.

I also used Todd Capistrant's "Fascial Distortion Model" to help my curvature. Start slowly.