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Author Topic: Skaterdude 31 y/o guy - Curvature in penis over night  (Read 4147 times)

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Skaterdude 31 y/o guy - Curvature in penis over night
« on: November 05, 2017, 09:50:16 AM »

Hello everyone!
I am a 31 y/o guy, and in the beginning of this year (2017) I noticed a curvature to the right in my penis (today at 34°), which literally apperared from one day to the next.
Following is my story, details about myself, how things started, doctors I have seen so far and the treatment I am currently on.

How things started out
I’m a 31-year-old single guy. The first time I noticed that something was wrong with my penis was in February 2017. My penis up to then was always straight as a pencil, and now it was curved to the right from one day to the other. The curve starts at approximately the last third of the penis. Basically, it feels like the last part of the cavernous body is not getting inflated properly. I should mention at this point, that I suffer from Morbus Ledderhose (it’s like Morbus Dupuytren, but on the sole of the foot instead of on the palm of the hand). Further I have problems with formation of keloid scars from surgeries of other body parts.
Roughly 1.5 weeks before that I was with a girl, and she stimulated me manually with her hand. It felt uncomfortable at some point, like a burning / sore. We stopped right there, and as soon as the stimulation stopped, the pain was gone. There also was no swelling, deformation or anything unusual at this point.

Urologist #1 – Initial check
I got a short-term appointment at the next urologist in the city. He did a manual examination, an Ultrasound, and he also checked my urine. All of that without finding anything. Of course, I had already looked up things on the internet the night before the appointment, and the possible outcome Peyronies was shocking me quite a lot. I asked him about Peyronies Disease, but he stated that it wasn’t Peyronies Disease because I have no symptoms. He also said there are some medications, of which none are actually helpful. I should relax, and wait. So, I went back home. The upcoming days were not pleasant. My penis sometimes felt sore and hurt sometimes. I also had problems getting an erection at all (by stimulation, nocturnal, “morning wood”), although that may have been me being close to a nervous breakdown due to my bent penis.
2 weeks after my first appointment I went to see this Uro again, because of the problems I still had. He checked my penis again (manual, Ultrasound, urine), but still there was nothing to be found. He prescribed me Sildenafil 50mg as “psychological support” for my erection problem. It helped me getting erections again, however they were painful at the area of deviation. I also started to create a photo documentation of my erections in order to keep records of the progression. The curve to the right at this time is about 28° to the right.

Urologist #2 and #3 – Potaba and surgery talk
I booked an appointment at the department for Andrology at a local university hospital. Sadly, it is hard around here to get appointments promptly, so I got to see the first hospital urologist in mid / end April 2017. He also did the same routine (manual, Ultrasound, urine), but he could not find anything either. Nevertheless, he prescribed me Potaba 4x 3000mg per day, in case there is “something on the way”. I also had to come for check-up in August 2017. Meanwhile, erection quality and frequency started to improve and feelings of discomfort in my penis appeared less often. I tried to limit masturbation to once every 2 weeks approximately.
At the check-up the doctor examining me was not there, but a different one. I had to explain everything again, and did Ultrasound etc. again, also with no outcome. He explained Nesbit-surgery to me, but also said due to my problem with keloid scars he doesn’t recommend surgery. I got another box of Sildenafil and the encouraging words “If there are any news from your side, feel free to make another appointment here.” Concerning erections, I started getting nocturnal ones more frequently again. The erections due to masturbation were nearly rock-hard. The curvature at this point is 34° to the right.

Urologist #4 – Trental
I felt the treatment so far was very uninvolved and half-heartedly. I was disappointed and also angry to be completely honest. Hence, I kept looking around for other doctors. I heard of a urologist in own practice nearby and inquired about their experience with penile deviations. The doctor seemed to have experience, so I took my chance. Sadly, he could not find anything in the usual examinations. Still no plaque, scar tissue etc to be seen. Other than the “no medication” chitchat he also gave me the surgery talk I already heard from uro #3. After me suggestion (may have even been urging) of Pentox he prescribed me Trental 2x 400mg per day. I also inquired about VED and traction. Unfortunately, he said he has no experience with such devices, thus he can’t propose a treatment.

Urologist #5 (current) – Cialis and possibly Xiaflex
I was at an appointment with a surgeon for a check-up of another surgery I had previously. I also told him about my current issues with my penis, and he happened to know this urologist and that he has treated patients suffering Peyronies Disease successfully. So, I also went to see this urologist (this is mid-September 2017 now). In addition to the manual examination and Ultrasound, an Elastography was done. All of these still showed no abnormalities whatsoever. After a long talk about what has been done so far, and what are options (Xiaflex, surgery) he prescribed me Cialis and gave me another appointment for mid-December. When asking about traction devices and VED, he advised against the usage of those at the moment, in order to not worsen the condition. He also currently oversees a study group concerning the application of Xiaflex in case of Peyronies. He said he will gather further information and check whether I was a candidate for the study group (and therefore receive Xiaflex treatment for only a minimal fee).

This is where I am standing at the moment.
Curvature to the right appeared in February 2017 and is now at an angle of 34°. No plaque or other tissue alteration was found till today. I am on:
Potaba 4x 3000mg for 7 months
Trental 2x 400mg for 3 months
Acetyl-L-Carnttin 2x 1000mg for 3 months
Cialis 1x 2.5mg for 3 months

If anything new happens, I will update my history.
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