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Dear men,
In what follows I will briefly share with you my success story in fighting pyronie, with the hope that it will give some hope and offer what for me was the method for recovery.
At the age of 51, probably due to my wife's favorite position of "on top", she suddenly started to see a curve...You all know how this feels. At first, out of ignorance, I tried to massage the small lump I felt at the left side of the bottom of the penis, and it got much worse within just a few days: 45 degrees to the left. I stopped immediately, but it was too late.
At this stage I could still have sex but started running around asking for help. I visited more than 15 urologists. Most didn't have a clue (despite proclaiming otherwise) and wanted either 1. To feel my penis with their hand. 2. Provide injections. Or 3. Suggested surgery. Some were happy for all three.
I could not find enough enthusiastic post-injections/surgery men on the web and started reading whatever I could in order to find a way out. I decide to try iontophoresis. I rightly thought that Iontophoresis is relatively cheap and harmless method without side effects.
My initial efforts to try a cocktail of enzymes and supplements was a failure. One doctor suggested taking Colchicine (this almost ruined my liver within two months) and Trental – simply didn't work. In hindsight, I would avoid any systematic medicine.
I bought an iontophoresis machine from Jump Start Consulting Limited
The Granary in the UK and found using it very, very difficult. Getting Verapamil in liquid (which is what needs to be used) proved almost impossible.
I tried to contact Dr Paulis of whom I read on the web, without success. I finally could find an Italian doctor who was willing to contact Dr Gianni Paulis in Italian (
He invited me for a consultancy, following which I bought an Italian iontophoresis machine. Dr Paulis is a real gentlemen, professional, who is not happy to operate and has vast experience with iontophoresis. He also helps in buying Verapamil.
I found the new machine I bought too sophisticated. Yet. I discovered that the Italian solved the problem of Verapamil application, which was almost impossible with the first machine I bought in the UK (also made in Italy).
Hence, I started using my old UK bought machine with the convenient electrodes that came with the new one.
In Dr Paulis's clinic I did an ultrasound and the other doctor there saw some pluck on the upper side of the penis. However, in a private US I did, no pluck was found and there was some calcification in the place where I felt the lump on the left side of the penis's root. I decided to do iontophoresis mainly where I felt the lump. In hindsight, it would be a mistake to let any doctor feel the lamp with his hand as this may aggravate the situation.
Now it was 13 month since the onset of my pyronie. Within about two to three months of usage of the convenient Italian electrodes there was a significant improvement: up to 40 degrees bend.
Following additional three months the bend was down to 10-15 degree, which I found highly satisfactory.
Following a few additional months of no improvement I stopped treatment. Yet, I could notice another, spontaneous improvement in the next year or so. I consider myself very lucky not to have listened to the first doctors I met.
I am sorry but I will not look again at this Forum, hence if anyone will want to get more info, I suggest that he will use my e-mail. Since I am not a doctor, and the account here is highly subjective, I believe the best option would be to get in touch with Dr Paulis or another doctor who has an experience with iontophoresis and is not greedy, that is, believes he should try to avoid placing miserable men on the surgery table for no good reason. Good luck!


Has anyone else had experiences with iontophoresis??????  :-\
Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.


Ionto is essentially just a way to get drugs through the skin barrier. It's not a treatment in itself, just a delivery system.

I just wonder why it would work via ionto when the results with direct injection are so poor.
This is an emotionally destructive condition, we all have it, let's be nice to each other.

Review of current treatment options by Levine and Sherer]


Perhaps the difference is that direct injection is another injury?  Just a thought.


Tried Ionto for a few months around 2008/9. No results and actually suffered an electrical burn on the leg once due to, I'm guessing, a device malfunction.

51 yrs. old, multiple auto-immune conditions. First episode of Peyronies Disease in 2002. Recurred a couple times since. Over the years I have tried Topical Verapamil, Iontophoresis, all the supps and Cialis + Pentoxifylline. Still functional, always worried.