Preventive VED-measures?

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Hello everybody,

I'm 21 years old, and approx. a month ago I had a injury in my bed with my erect penis. It bent a bit, and since then my penis slightly tilts to the left at about 10-20 degrees. It's not a curve, it's a tilt from the base. No pain, but since then everytime I masturbate I feel a ''strain'' on the left side of my penis. I also have a pronounced dent on the left lower side of my shaft (seems like the start of a hourglassing), and my upper left side is much bulkier, veinier and pronounced than the rest of my penis. So it naturally hangs more to the left. There is also a little bump right under the glans, accompanied by some veins. I don't seem to have lost any length but it might have narrowed a bit, and my erection is a bit weaker. Also urinate slightly to the right now.

I don't know if I have Peyronies. My GP dismissed me. I thought about going to an Uro anyway. But I'm afraid we don't have any Peyronies specialists here in Switzerland. What should I tell a Uro so as not to get dismissed and checked out? Again, I don't have the typical Peyronies curve.

Can I start VED therapy to do something against the left tilt and the dent, even if I might not have Peyronies?

Here is a picture of my penis (only drawn): on the right is straight, the left is now with the tilt


Look for an andrologist, better than urologist