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Hey guys!

I'm one of the young guns here on the forum having just turned 21, and I figured I'd stop by to let you know how things having been going.

First off, my overall quality of life has improved drastically. Last October I started showing signs of peyronies, and it quickly progressed to the point where sex was impossible. Obviously this was devastating for someone my age, as I was ready to start living my glory years. Late in the spring, my girlfriend of two years broke up with me; again, devastating. However, I used the emotional pain that these life events caused me as metaphorical stepping stools. After a couple months of introspection, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mental perseverance, I feel as if I've at least temporarily conquered this mountain, and I've been sitting on top for about a month and a half now. It feels great. I still have Peyronie's, I'm still single, but these don't seem to bother me anymore. I'm way more attentive to the things in my life that matter the most to me, and it has paid dividends to my happiness. I've experienced the emotional ups and downs that everyone with this condition deals with, but this feels different. I'm no longer "optimistic" about my future; I'm certain about it.

Anyway, now for the physical updates. It's become extremely clear that all of my peyronies issues have stemmed from posture problems, tightness, and overall lack of flexibility. I'm on a club sport team at my school that requires a ton of running, and last December I got serious about weightlifting and bodybuilding. Ever since I started playing this sport (ultimate frisbee), my legs (hips, groin, and hamstring) as well as my lower back have become increasingly tighter, resulting in almost constant minor injuries, left and right. Last year, my groin had some major issues, but I continued to lightly stretch and play through it. Huge mistake. The tightness of all these regions coupled with lack of stretching post-weight lifting led to some bad posture problems, specifically rolled shoulders and anterior pelvic tilt. The latter being the major one. It's is classfied as a backwards rotation of the hips, caused by weak hamstrings, tight hip flexors/groin, tight lower back, weak lower abs, or in my case, all of the above. I'm almost certain that this is the source of my hard flaccid problems and poor blood flow. The constant injury and inflammation lead to CPPS symptoms.

However, recently I've begun focussing extensively on stretching before and after all exercise, and even in my free time. I keep my shoulder back, my ribs down, my hips forward and my weight on my back heels to better my posture, and after a while of doing all of this, I noticed my penis started to hang more naturally when flaccid. It no longer constantly curves hard to the left, and the plaques (of which I have many) are not always immediately felt. These problems still arise here and there most days, especially if I don't stretch or let my posture falter, but the key to any treatment is consistency. Erections are still upwardly curved, but not as severe, especially if I keep my hips forward and stretch the suspensory ligaments down some. The pain is dissipating, orgasms are getting stronger and more enjoyable, and I feel more relaxed.

I cannot tell you how frustrated at I am when I look back on my first few urology appointments and wish someone had simply told me, "Oh, and it can come about via tightness and pelvic floor problems." It's absurd how little is known about this disease.

If your condition didn't come about because of an injury or deteriorating health, Id bet that there's a good chance it has to do with posture or mobility problems. That being said, STRETCH! DO YOGA, LIFT WEIGHTS WITH YOUR LEGS USING PROPER FORM, STRETCH SOME MORE! Get on pentox, cialis, etc. Take ur vitamins, eat clean as hell, and don't worry about it. Look at this thing from every angle and find out what works for you. Peace, love, and best of luck to all.


Hey man, I made a user name solely to reply to this post.

Your situation sounds freakishly similar to mine (young guy in 20's, LB problems, extreme tightness in hips/groin, APT, rolled shoulders)

Would you be so kind as to perhaps post the yoga routine you use? Or the stretches/protocols and exercises?

I can't thank you enough for this post, it's amazing how many different factors go into this, and how clueless the doctors are about it.

Hang in there, much love from one young gun to another.