Apologies but is traction in early stages good or not?

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I just can't seem to find a straight answer to this question.

I know there aren't any straight answers to peyronies but I can't seem to find a good answer to this question. Lots about how to do it but is it a bad idea during the early stages?

Apologies, am I on the wrong thread? Could someone direct me?



For what it's worth, and I hope this comment will help others decide, but I just had a 4 month follow up appt with my uro today. The ONLY thing he recommended that I should try this early (acute, no pain, unsure if completely stable yet) as self treatment is a traction device. He gave me an order form for the Peni Pro, the only one he recommends.  I'm going to order it and begin using it and post updates. I put some pictures up already, so I will have a decent comparison basis. I go back in 3 months, and if we agree I'm stable, he will order the ultrasound to take a look at the plaque and blood flow, etc, then discuss treatment options from there.  


I received the penipro, but very complicated instructions...any advice on how to apply w the suction cup?
PxD 2 yrs 9/16.  Failed all treatment. 9/11/18: excision, grafting & implant Dr Karpman MtnView Ca, AMS CX 18cm + 3-1cm RTEs.
Pump failed.  2/11/20 Dr Karpman installed Titan 22cm +1cm RTE.



Here you go. The Penimaster Pro comes with the middle sized latex sleeve and bell cone on. The inserts under the bell cone aren't necessary. You will get used to it. It took me about two or three days to master the Penimaster :>O

Don't use the lube that they provide, it SUCKS!! Go get old school KY Jelly or the no name CVS or Walgreens version as they are the exact same thing for $2-3 less.

Put a decent squeeze into the cavity of the sleeve and a little on your glands. Squeeze the suction pump and twist it onto the glands holder. Make sure the pointed valve is completely closed so air doesn't leak out. Stick your glands into the sleeve and gently let go of the suction pump. If your glands don't completely get swallowed up, partially release the suction pump, re-squeeze and re-lock. Then repeat the process of drawing the glands into the glands holder. You will absolutely know when your glands are completely swallowed because you will feel it and they suction pump may not completely open up. Remove the suction pump and re-tighten the air valve.

Now all you have to do is use the length of rod that corresponds to the size of your package. Helpful tips: Cut your hair. I would use a #3 clipper length. If you shave, you will not be as comfortable because you will get rubbed by the base of the traction device. If you don't cut your hair, you will get your hairs caught and that doesn't feel that good either. If you need any more schooling on the device, let me know. Stick with it, I can personally tell you from experience the PMP is the best, most comfortable traction device on the market and I have the other two major brands. I wish I got this first, it sure would have been cheaper.


Thanks, @quack. If I have questions, ok to pm you with them? Or prefer to post to all?




PTT seems an effective treatment for the AP of Peyronies Disease in terms of pain reduction, penile curvature decrease, and improvement in sexual function.

This question has been asked dozens and dozens of times.
This is an emotionally destructive condition, we all have it, let's be nice to each other.

Review of current treatment options by Levine and Sherer]

Almost There


I think you should dump any doctor who calls for waiting for peyronie's "stabilization."  To me that's just insane.  If you severely sprained your ankle would you immobilize it for several months?  No therapist would ever tell you to do that because it would end up just like a penis does with untreated peyronies:  scarred with limited mobility.  It would require an extended healing time and might never regain its full range of motion.

Treat a penis injury like you'd treat a sports injury.  That means start massage, heat, stretching and pumping as soon as any bruising is gone.  If there's no sign of injury and your first clue that you have peyronie's is that your penis is starting to deform, then you're already behind and you better start NOW.  Like today.  Anything else and you're asking for trouble.

If the pain is gone, it's getting to be too late to treat.   Do NOT wait for the pain to stop.  Run, don't walk, from anyone who tells you to "keep your hands off your penis" in the early stages of peyronies.  It's absolutely the wrong advice.

I wish I had started treatment on my first injury back in February 2014 when it happened.  I didn't know what the "nodule" was inside my penis and then in about May 2014 it suddenly bent upward over the course of maybe a couple of days.  The rest of that year I wasted trying worthless stuff like pentox, rubs and creams, PABA, etc.  It was only a full year later (after the pain had gone) that I started traction and pumping.  That first injury has been the most difficult to fix.  Had I waited a couple of weeks after the injury and then started pumping, there never would have been a bend.  Had I started pumping/traction shortly after the bend happened, it would have healed within 3-6 months.  As it is it's been 3+ years and I'm 98% of the way back but it's been a long road and one I never would have had to deal with if I'd started early.


It depends. I waited till I was stable to begin traction. This was because traction made things worse for me in the scott phase. Everyone is different. It might take longer to remold now but it still is suppose to be effective when stable.  


Stevo had pain and waited, but I never had pain. Being the research junkie that I am and more into natural therapies first, I got a Sizegenetics right off the bat, but it is so uncomfortable, it is hard to put in the time. I had to wait about 3 months to finally see the URO (military medicine) and I had a female nurse practitioner that prescribed something worthless that upset my stomach, so I dropped it. My URO is very conservative and the research wasn't out yet on early use of Xiaflex, so we went the Pentox route. Four months of that and massive headaches resulted in a waste of time. I didn't start with Xiaflex until a little less that a year and a half after my injury, which I didn't even know happened.

My point is, find a URO at the first sign of pain or knowledge of injury. If you don't notice anything until a curve takes place, get in immediately to a URO and don't take no for an answer for a proper treatment. Your URO can prescribe VED (tell him you have ED too) it will get paid and traction. Personally, I would start on Xiaflex ASAP and the research is bearing my statement out. I just bought the Penimaster Pro because I was tired of waiting for a free one from my URO. I have been putting in at least 3-4 hours and up to 6 hours a day since my last cycle and I am noticing more improvement than the modeling/stretching with your hand 3 times a day for 30 seconds. That to me is a waste of time, but a good solid stretch after any bruising and swelling has gone down will provide much more effective results.