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Author Topic: 26 yo - UK, just decided to join this forum.  (Read 1320 times)

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26 yo - UK, just decided to join this forum.
« on: August 29, 2017, 08:59:22 PM »

Hi, I'm Mike.

I apologise in advance, but I tried to condense this post as much as possible and I just felt I couldn't get the relevant information in about my situation. I'll try and add a TL;DR at the end for anyone who doesn't fancy sitting through an essay.

I'm 26 years old from the UK. My experience with Peyronie's disease starts in February 2016, I found a small lump under the skin on the left side of my penis which obviously caused some concern, and so I decided to go to the doctor. This came as a bit of a coincidence as I had also decided to see the GP regarding phimosis, which I had decided needed sorting out before the lump was found.
The Phimosis isn't really relevant to the Peyronie's I don't think, but it's somewhat relevant to the timeline of events so you may have to bear with it a bit.

I ended up having an appointment with my GP, and he examined me but wasn't massively concerned with the lump, determining it to feel quite fibrous, like scar tissue. Nevertheless, he decided to refer me for a precautionary ultrasound to rule out anything more malicious.
After I had had the ultrasound, (which ultimately concluded that the lump was indeed most likely scar tissue) I had another appointment with my GP. He then advised me to keep an eye on it and told me that these things can develop, sometimes due to injury etc.
At this time we also discussed the Phimosis, and decided to see each other again in six months time, after some stretching aided with steroid cream.

So.. If you're still with me at this point I commend your patience :D
Fast forward 6 months, I saw my GP again. Now at this point my curvature had increased. As had the pain. I estimate at this stage my curve had reached around 40 degrees to the left, and the pain was actually quite bad, enough to make it not possible for me to maintain an erection.

My Phimosis was also not much better despite my best efforts, and so my GP referred me to a urologist for a circumcision, and advised I speak to him about my curvature at the appointment. It may be worth noting that at this point I hadn't heard/read the word Peyronie's outside some brief googling I'd done.

I was quite down emotionally up to this point, however I now saw a bit of a light at the end of the tunnel. I had and still do have immense trust and confidence in my GP, however now I felt I am going to see a specialist, and perhaps I could sort this issue out. I was very happy with having a referral.

Fast forward until December 2016 - if memory serves I received a call to book my appointment and agreed on a time and date, in January 2017.

I was cheered up extremely with this, I finally thought I was heading forward and I may finally have some answer towards how this issue could be corrected.

I remember driving to my appointment with the Urologist in January, I was nervous, but somewhat jovial, I was singing along to songs in the car because I was in such a good mood, I thought finally, after all the sudden disfiguration of the last year, after all the pain and frustration I was going to get answers.

I ended having my appointment with the Urologist, and we decided on a circumcision and had me added to the waiting list. We then discussed my penis curvature, which at this point I estimate had increased to around 45/50 degrees. He advised me that nothing could really be done until at least 16 months had passed since the onset of the curvature and so I resigned myself to waiting. To my shame I actually didn't realise a full year had passed since my Peyronie's began, and I thought it was less and as such, I believe I only told the Urologist it had been around 7/8 months or so. Again, I don't know why I thought this, but I only found out it began in February after looking at my diary from the previous year.

It's quite fair to say that after this appointment, I was quite emotionally shattered. I had built myself up to expect a definite answer, a solution the the problem, and I hadn't got this. I had got "wait another 6 months and take it from there". I felt like crying, and over the next few months I did quite a few times.
It's fair to say I was quite depressed from this point forward. I almost stopped being a functional member of the team at work, effectively just turning up and doing nothing. Luckily I work with two people who I am happy to call friends, one of whom happens to be my supervisor. I ended up telling them both about my situation, and they were as understanding as they could be, especially from a work point of view, taking jobs off me and burdening themselves with my workload whilst I was (I think it's fair to say) wallowing in my problem.

This bit is a bit hard to write, but throughout January / February 2017 I felt a bit suicidal. I went as far as buying a 10 metre rope off Amazon, and I had it sat on my desk, unopened for quite some time. However I often considered going somewhere quiet and getting it over with.
I'm glad at this point I didn't, but the temptation was very strong at one point. I felt very hopeless. As if I had no control over anything.

I gradually cheered up a bit, but it took at least until June or so, and even then I had my down moments.
Fast forward to more recent events, and I had my circumcision on the 10th of August, about 3 weeks ago from the time of this post.

I spoke to my Urologist after the operation was completed, when he came to check I was ok afterwards. I ended up asking him about the Peyronie's disease, and let him know that I first found it in February 2016 so quite a bit of time had passed, over the 16 months.
His advice was that surgery is risky, and with someone my age he would recommend against it if at all possible due to the possible side effect, erectile dysfunction etc.
His advice to me was to try and have sex, and if I was unable to, I should be re-referred and then perhaps surgery would be an option.

So, my current situation.
My circumcision is healing nicely, and I'm happy with the results of that.

I don't know if it's possible, but over the last few months the extent of my curvature seems to have decreased slightly, perhaps now it's only 35 degrees? Again, I'm not sure if this is possible or if I'm just imagining it but it certainly seems to be the case. I'm also feeling less pain upon erections. I still don't believe I would be able to have sex, I just cant see how that level of curvature would 'work'.
I still don't feel happy trying to approach a relationship with someone at this point, as I just don't see why someone would want to engage in a fresh relationship with me when this issue is present, it's been a constant source for my low moods so far. I also am terrified at the idea of having to explain this to someone, even if I could bring myself to take the first steps towards a relationship.

So, I've joined this forum, I think it would be good to talk to other people who have experience this issue and may have advice etc.
I'm interested in any other treatments which may be available, I'm quite interested in the VED route which I've seen talked about on here and other websites. I don't think my curvature is the most extreme, so maybe it may just take some dedication to something like this, although I've learnt my lesson about getting my hopes up at this point.

If you've managed to battle through my wall of text, I thank you. I know it's a lot, but it's actually the first time I've explained my story in full and it's actually felt quite good to mostly go through it all from the start...

For anyone with more important things to do with their lives, here's a brief TL;DR:

Age: 26
Not had any treatment for Peyronie's so far.
Symptoms present since February 2016
Mood: up and down, very down earlier this year but settled so far.
Single at the moment, currently don't feel able to engage a relationship properly due to this issue.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to being a part of this community.


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Re: 26 yo - UK, just decided to join this forum.
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2017, 11:14:19 AM »



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Re: 26 yo - UK, just decided to join this forum.
« Reply #2 on: August 30, 2017, 03:21:34 PM »

Welcome indeed, thanks for registering  :)
The internet creates a sort of 'closed ideology echo chamber' wherein people who share unusual beliefs reinforce each other's thinking.


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Re: 26 yo - UK, just decided to join this forum.
« Reply #3 on: September 01, 2017, 03:28:33 AM »

35 degs should not prevent you from having sex, providing you don't have Erectile Dysfunction. I managed it with a worse curvature than that. Cowgirl ( usually not recommended as it can cause additional damage if there's an accident) worked fine for me. And the lady said it was actually more enjoyable as I kept hitting her g-spot with my curvature.

I would try VED for overall penile health and to ensure good blood flow. And traction for the curvature.
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