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Hi I'm new here. Basically I believe I've developed Peyronies. Back in  march I noticed my errections were bent. For about 6 months before this my errections were not fully hard. I'd say about 70%. I had my testosterone checked and it's low. I'm 42. I'm using testo gel daily. There's a slight increase in libido. Also given viagra which only gets me 70-80% hard. I've noticed I've gone from 6.5 inches to about 5 inches. My girlfriend has even commented on my size and hardness.
I'm not seeing the urologist until October. I'm devastated I've lost size. And the curvature makes me self conscious. About 18 months before this happened I had a cathatar while in hospital. Maybe this caused it.


Hi Graham74, I am sending you a personal message (PM) with a link to a site I have found useful especially in relation to testosterone.
On this site you will also find information on Viagra and more natural treatments, sorry that you are suffering, I got it overnight after waking up one morning  :(

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.


Thanks mate. I'm hoping there's help for us all


Snake Diet + 5-day fasts + pentox + NeoV's stretching routine + Mito Red Light. Curvature 99% gone.

I also used Todd Capistrant's "Fascial Distortion Model" to help my curvature. Start slowly.