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This is a valuable area where all registered members can choose to post their history, their story on Peyronies Disease. This area is designed to help us know each other, our challenges, successes. New members will find one place to go to find men whose Peyronies Disease progression they can relate to. The can quickly scan the headings and find men of similar age, or similar situation.  This will save members from having to repeat the same info over and over under other topics when asked about their Peyronies Disease.

In order to work, this must be the most structured area on the forum. It is only for our introduction, and each member that chooses to post, will be limited to making one new topic and posting one post under your topic. This topic is NOT for discussion or replies to the posted histories.  Each member should add to, or update their histories any time they like, but we must do so by using "MODIFY" so our history is contained in that one single post. We can cut and paste the format provided below. Delete any headers you don't care to use but keep the headers you do use in order. You have freedom to add headers if you like. Don't hesitate for fear of not getting it right, its no big deal. We will will gladly help out. Use as much space as needed. We want to know your story.

If members want to respond to a history posted here, post your response under another forum topic. You can quote the portion of the post you are responding to but This area is strictly for our histories and not for two-way dialog.  It is not a place to ask questions.  All such posts will be deleted.

You can copy and paste the headers that are below. It helps to bold the headers after pasting them so it is easy to find the sections of your post.

Age -

Age at onset of Peyronies Disease / or I have had Peyronies Disease for X Years -

Very First Symptoms -

My Peyronies Disease progression, Treatments (in order), Doctors, Psychological Stages, observable changes -

Where I am today, future plans -  
Prostatectomy 2004, radiation 2009, currently 74 yrs old
After pills, injections, VED - Dr Eid, Titan 22cm implant 8/7/18
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