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We sell nothing at the PDS.  Neither the PDS or its officers get any type of credits, rebates, or other consideration from any commercial OTC suppliers of supplements.  We have no interest in any commercial company but cautiously build a basic list of commonly used supplements and suppliers that have been generally useful to a number of members.  We provide this list only as a convenience to members. To make this source list, a company has to be considered to have a quality product, at a very competitive price, and provide good customer service.  Companies will be considered for addition to this list if recommended by at least 3 members with Solid Contributor status or higher (over 75 posts).

No health claims are made regarding any of these companies or products and the user is responsible for assessing risk.  The user assumes all risk, and should consult their physician for possible drug interactions or contraindication prior to taking any of these products.

Puritan Pride http://www.puritan.com - Probably the very best prices available (especially when running "buy one get two free" sale) - Wide range of supplements limited to the brands they produce. They have good, independently confirmed, potency and purity.  Great customer service, 24/7 phone sales and support. International shipping. Products include L Arginine, Mixed Tocopherol E, Acety L Carnatine, N Acetyl Cystine, Ginko, Ginseng, Pycnogenol, Multi-Vitamins, and much more. - Their website is full featured and user friendly. Also, under Health Notes they have a 3rd party provider that lists clinical studies, contra indications, and drug interactions on most supplements http://www.puritan.com/pages/healthnotes.asp?languri=eng&org=nbty&ContentID=4416007.    If you build a list of "my favorites" ordering becomes very quick and easy.  Note: There may be better forms of vitamin E and L-Arginine than those supplied by Puritan Pride.

GNC http://www.gnc.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=2108437&sr=1&origkw=vitamin%20e - Wide range of supplements with independently confirmed potency and purity.  Fairly competitive prices.  They have retails stores in many areas and also sell online.  They offer Isomer E that some people consider to be a superior product.  It supplies a full spectrum of vitamin E isomers including alpha, beta, delta and gamma tocopherols and tocotrienols.

iherb http://www.iherb.com - They have an enormous selection featuring most brands at discount prices and they ship internationally.  Excellent customer service (Mon-Fri 8 hours).  The offer an excellent vitamin E by Now Foods, called Gamma E Complex, Advanced.

Vitamaker http://www.vitamaker.com - Very similar to iherb (same hours, similar selection, similar cost).  These two vary a little on cost.  It seems Vitamaker may have a slight edge on price but iherb kicks in free shipping at around $45.00 and Vitacost gives free shipping at $150.00.  They offer an excellent vitamin E by Now Foods, called Gamma E Complex, Advanced.

Bodybuilding.com www.bodybuilding.com/store/san/vaso.html - Good price on a likely superior L-Arginine, San Vasoflow.  San Vasoflow - A time release L-arginine supplement with "Norvaline" which blocks the activity of arginase - thus promoting the change of arginine into nitric oxide via NO synthase pathways. (some complaints about odor and taste)

Holland & Barrett
http://www.hollandandbarrett.com - This is a UK based store with physical store locations across the UK as well as online ordering. I include them with only one recommendation primarily because they may be a more convenient source for those located in and around the UK.  Their prices are reportedly fair and they have a fairly wide selection limited to their own brand name.  Their variety of selection is similar to that of GNC or Puritan Pride.  Their website features the same 3rd party health notes with drug interactions etc as featured on Puritan Pride's website.
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