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Hi everybody,

I have been reading in this forum for the past 6 month and it has been a very important source for me for advice on how to deal with my peyronies,as well as in terms of posible treatments as for the great moral support this has been for me.

So i would like to thank the forum for this, you really helped me a lot.

My story:

Age 49,about 6 month ago,i woke up with some sharp pain in my penis,somehow i was laying on top of it and had gotten an erection,unfortunateley due to laying on top of it,it had been completely bent just below the glans. Did not really care much about it,pain left,until a week later
after intercourse,there was some little bit of blood coming out after the ejaculation.
i had some issues with blood in my urine in the past,much worse than this time so i thougt i would give it a break for a month and that would do.
Next time i tried intercourse,erection was very painfull,and the glans was somehow softish,very unhappy experience.I went to an uro and got a ultrasound,he said its peyronies and that i had some big plaques and calcifications.

Then the whole downword spiral got to me,little by little.Surfing the web and reading about Peyronies,every website said there was no cure,only surgery,which is what the doc had told me then,i had an hourglass just below the glans ,hard flaccid and incredible pain in my penis
constantly.Erections where painfull and i had an Erectile Dysfunction,the glans would not get really hard.
And a strange upward bent,just where the glans starts.Looked as if the glans had been put on in a wrong angle.intercourse was just too painfull,normal day life was not possible due to the pain,and
all my life (which is based on sport/surfing) had come to a stop.
I was really feeling bad ,thinking that my life all of a sudden had finished,from a sporty healty guy i had turned into a sick man,with a useless and painfull dick,unable to work,make sports or just live a normal live.And with no hope for a cure.
Psicologically this really got to me big time,thankfully my wife supported me all the time.
Then i found this forum,and realized i am not alone,which is a hugh release.
Read about L arginine,carnitine and lq10 and decided to give it a try,since my uro only had recommended me painkillers and vit e,which by then had messed up completely my digestion.
After 1 week of L arginine i woke up in the middle of the night with a full erection,painfull and curved,but at least an solid erection.
Still,the erection would stay for hours and it would be really dificult for me to relax and calm the erection down,just thinking of sex,would give me a full erection again that would not go away easily.So, after a while,this became quiet painfull.
Then followed a rollercoaster period of highs which had me all happy about having erections again,trying to control my sexual life and exitement,which,after masturbation or painfull and very poor intercourse performance ,left me falling into bottomless lows,beeing seriously depressed about the horrible aspect of my hourglassed and increasingly curved penis,my poor sexual performance,the continous pain and worst of all,the fast growth of my plaque,which seemed to be related to these strong and uncontrolled erections.
By now,the plaque which seemed to be initially only 2x2 cm on the back of my penis,had grown up to the limit of the glans,making masturbation extremly painfull and almost imposible.
It seemed like a horrortrip to me.
I was really desperate,then i found an andrologist in germany who mentioned on his website that he had treated over 8000 cases of peyronies and that he would have a non invasive treatment that would stop peyronies immediately and that there was a fair chance of decreasing the curve and even reducing plaques and calcifications.
So i went there and got my penis checked and measures,ultrasound scan ,prostata check etc.
He described me cialis 5 mg ,vit e and daily ved exercises.
Did i mention he also gave me an inyection in my penis for full erection ?
So after the visit,with an even more painfull dick and a painfull prostata, i was really done.

It turned out that the origin of my peyronies was a stupid accident during school sports when i was 14,squeezed my penis whilst doing some flip over on a gymastic bar.
Had horrible pain,but my parents would not send me to see a doctor.
I remember having this sharp & burning pain in my penis since that age.not all the time,usually only after spending to much time in cold water or skiing.
ironically i always thought it was some sort of infection in my uretra,never had a doc look at it in 30 years.
So actually my plaque sits between the two corpus cavernosum,it goes from the underneath
part right thru the middle and comes out at the top,all just a bit below the glans,where i squeezed it back then.

Actually,the cialis seems to be doing a great job.hard flaccid and pain ceased gradually
and by now,1 month later,i only experience some mild pain.I can do normal live again and even have picked up surfing again,but still have to take it easy.
Seems like my erection quality is increasing too, intercourse in a conservative way is pretty much painfree,but still a long shot from beeing a great performer.
And the curve has changed,before it was a sharp bent,now it is more of a wider curve,like a banana.I think & hope there will be some more improvement,my wife has told me that she likes my banana ,so we are taking it with a bit of humor now,which makes it a lot easier to handle,
she says any girl can have a normal dick,but who has got a banana ?
The fact that your partner supports and even likes your new aspect,gives you strength and self confidence,which is much needed with this desease.

There is definitly still a lot to improve,but honestly,to me it means so much,having recovered my normal life,there is no words to describe this.

So I would like to thank the forum and all members for the infos and the support ยก!

Here is my current treatment:

5 mg cialis/day
Vit e
Ved soma correct ( still not tried the small cylinder,too worried about hurting myself)
2-3 times a week warm rice sock for 30 min.
500 mg propolis a day
Some prayers to the vigin
On cold days/outdoors i use handwarmers to keep my best buddy warm
in 11 month i will start shockwave treatment to eliminate calcifications and reduce plaque size.

Good luck to all of you guys, i hope you all get to find a cure for your peyronies,