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I'm scheduled to have my first Xiaflex shots next Friday and Monday. How much walking around can you do the next day after the 2nd shot or is the pain unbearable?


I actually had very little pain with my 8 injections. It can depend a lot on who is giving you the shot and if they wrap it and you keep it wrapped for a while. I went back to work the same day after almost all of mine. It's really not that big of a deal unless you get crazy like some people and try to use traction or VED immediately afterwards.

Good Luck!
Born 1960, Diagnosed 2013
Initial 40 degree bend, 1" loss, Xiaflex 3 rds of 2 injections
Current 25 degree bend, no palpable plaque, 1/4" loss
VED 5-6 days/week, traction daily,
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I had a course of three shots, each of .9mg, and had only mild pain, discomfort really, after the shots. I did have a full blocking anaesthetic for shots themselves though, which I thoroughly recommend.  I've had enough clumsy penile injections before to know how painful they can be if not skillfully administered. I had to compress for 5-10 minutes to keep the material in situ, but the doctor was opposed to any wrapping - he said he'd just seen too much damage from it. I didn't query the point. Good luck!


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