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Quote from: exoduS on February 15, 2010, 12:24:48 PM

i am trying to check the forums but i dont see anyone who really got over this problem.

Hmmmmmm... try here....,466.0.html
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hello all..

as i stated i had been using some vitamins for my injury and recently started using vitamin e cream. it also has vitamin a in it. which worked great with me.. i know have very little pain and also dont have firm flaccid state. it feels better when i hold it. still there is pain and these varicosed veins and pain comes from them.

also the hourglass shape while getting erect is not disturbing me anymore as it feels normal.

has anyone tried vitamin e cream?? as it releaved a lot pain from me. maybe it can also help ur symptoms..


I have noticed as my Peyronies Disease progresses, for better and worse, that the head of my penis is changing color. When I was younger (I am 26 now, developed Peyronies Disease at 23) the glans of my penis was generally pink to reddish, and warm to the touch even flaccid. Now, my penis is often pale to white, and sometimes - like when I pull it from my fly to urinate - it can be really white, though it seems to gain a LITTLE color while it's in my hand. It remains pale though.

I have noticed that the color of the glans turns back to red when I've used Viagra. Is this a bloodflow issue and - more importantly - would the lack of an adequate blood supply lead down the road to some sort of tissue death?

I know this might be more of a question for a urologist. You point me to the urologist who is willing to listen thoughtfully  and answer these questions, and I'll show you an out of the ordinary MD!



I wouldn't be to concerned about that.  You could mention it to your urologist.  Many things change the color of the head of the penis.  Some are whitish or more pale, some purple, some red.  Getting an erection can change the color, being hot or warm, being cold, ever notice how your veins turn purple color in cold weather? 



Hi guys. I am new here, and for now i have only one short question.

Is scar tissue, or plaque really that noticeable?? I suspect i might have peyronies (or mild case of it), but i can't feel anything on my "tool". I have searched it thoroughly, and can't feel, nor see any lumps, or growth on it.


Quote from: calamity on June 18, 2010, 05:37:50 PM
Hi guys. I am new here, and for now i have only one short question.

Is scar tissue, or plaque really that noticeable?? I suspect i might have peyronies (or mild case of it), but i can't feel anything on my "tool". I have searched it thoroughly, and can't feel, nor see any lumps, or growth on it.

It differs from person to person. In your case, if you can't feel plaque as such I wouldn't say that you can rule peyronie's out.  Without knowing more info it's difficult to say. I will say that on other forums I've seen people worried about peyronie's and the images posted appear to me to be of a perfectly normal penis. If you have noticed any changed in the curvature of your penis though, this would be something of concern. Such changes may or may not occur alongside pain, or a noteworthy injury of some kind.

You should go to a urologist if you have concerns in this area.


Thank's for answering.

Well, i noticed that my penis started leaning to the left a bit, about 5 years ago (i'm in my early twenties now). The curvature hasn't changed since. I never felt pain, and haven't find any lump as i mentioned. I used to "hump the bed" when i was a kid, and deeply regret it now.

I noticed after masturbation, that the curve increases in flaccid state, for a few hours. When i tuck it to the right side of my shorts, after a while, the curve is almost non present (but still leans to the left a little bit).

When my penis is erected i notice the curve straightens, but is always leaning to the left. It's not crooked erection or anything, it just leans to the left when erected. The curve is actually worse when in flaccid state. (sometimes touches my left leg)

I found out about peyronies when i googled about loss of morning wood, and weak erections. Yeah i know, i should go to urologist, but i am too ashamed :(


I agree with Newguy.

I'm not sure what you mean when you say your penis "leans". If you mean while flacid that it seems to point away from your body at a different angle other than straight, I'm not sure that means anything. Many men seem to have a particular way their penis hangs when flacid. Ever here of the term "dress right" or "dress left"?

Here is the main thing. Can you achieve erections and is your erection fully functioning? If so, then stop worrying.
Developed peyronies 2007 - 70 degree dorsal curve
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Well by leaning i mean when erected then it just points away at different angle, it doesn't actually bend or curve. But when flaccid then i have a noticeable curve. It's pretty weird actually, it seems like the total opposite of peryonie's description, as my penis actually straightens when erected.

For example after a shower in flaccid state, the curve gets more noticeable (about 30-40 degrees). I always tuck it to the right side of shorts, so it kinda gets straightened. To sum it up, i have about 30 degree curve to the left on my penis when it's flaccid, but when erected it just slightly points away to the left. If i remember correctly this state just suddenly came about 5 years ago and haven't progressed since.

Can you guys, tell me what is the difference of normal curve and peyronie's disease. I can achieve erection, but i noticed lately it's not what it used to be (that part is probably just mental).


Well, if this has been going on for 5 years, but has never manifested itself in an erect state, or has not been accompanied by pain, injury or anything like that, then I don't think you need to worry really. In your shoes, I would only take action should I find that my penis curves in an erect state. Your comments so far do not point towards any peyronie's plaque being present in my view. 


I got back from a trip last night, and my husband voiced a concern about strange "indentations" on his erect penis. I, trying to assure him it was nothing, googled it and came upon "peyronies disease" and have not got us both concerned. He is 28, I'm 27- after researching it sounds like he may have the "hourglass" indentations. He's only noticed it very recently, he's also had occasional pain during an erection or orgasm... I never thought anything of it as he didn't act like it was crazy painful or seem concerned so I just thought that was "normal". He's always had a slight curve, but again, thought it was normal "hanging a little to the left". You can't really see the indents by looking, but by feeling, and now that I read about the hard "plaque" he says he can feel something in there. He's never had any erectile disfunction, and never had any issues with orgasms, but again- I have nothing to compare it to... So not sure I would know if anything was "abnormal". I just feel so awful wondering if I was too rough at some point and caused this... I never knew anything like this could happen. Now I'm worried about hurting him more.... We are going to see a urologist... But in the meantime... Should we refrain, or just be gentle? Does "girl on top" position tend to cause this? Because that's one of our fav positions and I need to know if that, or anything else should be avoided. If this is just the first "phase" could his penis go on to get the curvature in addition to the hourglass indents, and does the hourglass tend to cause erectile disfunction down the road? I am just so fearful of the prospect of not being able to take care of my man... I know this has to be so much more scary for him- how can I support and encourage him thru this sensitive issue? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks-
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For me, girl on top is more painful, specifically on the top of the penis closer to the base.

Two simple things I recommend trying that really have no downside is to get vitamin D levels at least to 50 ng/ml (get D3 in a gelcap, not any dry version) and take a magnesium supplement (I like magnesium malate or glycinate, but avoid taking so much that loose stools result). These two supplements are good for anyone, not just those with Peyronies Disease.



What is the definition of "Peyronie's Disease" anyway? A better term, which is also used, is "penile fibrosis".  If you have an injury, and scar tissue forms and causes a bend or a hinge, do you have "Peyronie's Disease"?  Sure, if you want to call it that,  and I think that's how the term is becoming used today. Someday when it's well understood we may have a differentiation of terms reflecting the various causes of this fibrosis.


Don't know if I am putting this in the right place or not. Have browses the site a time or two and am thankful it is here. Had finally decided to find a source for Verapmil when I found this site and decided to hold off as money is in fact a factor.
I had noticed some discomfort (really could not call it pain, like a pebble in your shoe)when I had an erection about 18 months ago. No noticeable curvature at this time.About 6 months later I noticed a rather hard elongated mass when feeling of my penis. With my Mom and Dad both killed by cancer I went to see a urologist fearful that this was a cancer of some sort. He very briefly examined me and told me I had Peyronie's. He further explained that the only treatment was Verapamil and this was an off label use that was quite expensive and most insurance companies would not cover it. The only other alternative was surgery which left many men impotent. Yea, that is just what I want. With no real pain, no significant curvature and a very limited household budget I folded up the prescription and placed it inside my Daytimer and went on about my merry business content that I did not have cancer.
Rather recently, I took hold of myself while erect and was surprised to feel this 90 degree bend straight up about 2/3 of the way down my penis. I foolishly attempted to straighten it out. Well, that ain't gonna work.
It does not appear to cause my wife any real discomfort. (After 32 years that opportunity does arise very often anyway.) Just requires some adjustments on my part as to range of motion etc. Does not seem to affect the quality of my erection but does seem to impact the "quality" of my orgasm. (Maybe that is the BPH.)
Anyway, I am thankful to find a site that does not have a profit motive.
Since I have not had any treatment I am hoping I can learn for you guys. Can anyone tell me where on the site I will find a suggested initial treatment. There is so much here! Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

60 years young