Is this Peyronies pain?

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Hello all.

I have a topic started in the Ultrasound section which gives more detail to my situation, but in short, I've been experiencing erectile difficulty since last January. At the beginning of last January, I engaged in rough sexual intercourse which resulted in a pain radiating up my erection. I didn't notice erectile problems until the following night. At this time, I had a dull ache in my right penis shaft below the glans for may 4-5 days. The pain subsided, and I was able to get erections with max stimulation. They went down when stimulation stopped. I saw 2 urologists and a neurologist, and they told me everything was fine with my penis. I had 2 Peyronies "squeeze" tests (not sure what they're actually called), but neither uro noted any plaquing. The latest "squeeze" I had was at the end of last April by a Peyronies specialist. At that point in April, I was not experiencing the penile pain, just Erectile Dysfunction and penile numbness. Throughout my trips to the uro, I also got a doppler ultrasound which showed a normal functioning penis/no abnormalities.

Out of the blue yesterday, I started getting a similar pain in the same area (right shaft below glans). The pain is not constant, just a dull ache that happens a few times an hour. The pain only last for a couple seconds at a time. I tried getting erect last week (kept it up and orgasmed with max stimulation), and did not notice any pain. I've gotten semi-erections throughout the day today, and I notice that the pain is only possible when I'm flaccid. I've palpated my flaccid penis, and don't notice any abnormalities. The whole shaft has a little firmness to it, but my uro said that this is normal.

Does this sound like possible Peyronies pain? I'm not able to see the Peyronies specialist again for another month or so, so I guess I'd just like your guys' experience. Since I suffered these through an injury, I was also wondering if the pain could be coming from nerve regeneration. Any ideas?


Is there any hinging? It almost sounds like a fracture. Can you at least see a PC doc in the meantime to be sure. Since you experienced an "injury" it doesn't sound like Peyronies Disease.


I have no curving in my penis at all (flaccid or erect). Ultrasound looked for fracture. Uro said my cavernosal bodies were intact, and my bloodflow results would've showed a fracture. I'm really in the dark about this whole thing.


It does not sound like "Peyronies pain" to me. But I am coming from a 'classic' point of view where the pain is caused by actual curvature and one's erection pulling or stretching Peyronies plaque. So anticipating your next question, "Then what is causing the pain".....  I have no idea. I would just get to a specialist as soon as you can.

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Thank you for the response.

I only noticed the pain for maybe 5 minutes today. Haven't felt it since this morning (8 hours ago). I haven't been able to maintain a full erection for the last year, but i got a semi-erection today which produced no pain at all.

This whole thing is really frustrating. I have another appointment with the Peyronies specialist I saw at the beginning of last year scheduled for the end of this month. Does anyone know symptoms of nerve regeneration? I'm wondering if that's what could be causing the discomfort.


Sorry to revive this thread, but I've got some more questions. I've been slightly better over the last couple months, but my pain returned today :/ I only feel it in my flaccid penis, most commonly when I'm walking. Pain radiates through my right penis shaft when my left foot strikes the floor. It's a bizarre feeling, and I'm not sure how else to describe it. Also, my penis became very thin towards the head today when I went to urinate. Looked somewhat like an hourglass shape, but my penis regained normal form after I used the bathroom.

A couple months back (March, I think), I went to Mayo Clinic for an appt with their andrologist/Peyronie's specialist. He thinks my Erectile Dysfunction has a strong hyperadrenegic component, taking into account that I have diagnosed anxiety issues. He performed another doppler ultrasound which showed normal results and no penile plaquing. I left with no new diagnosis.

I talked to this doctor on the phone today, and he said my issue is sounding more like Peyronie's due to the pain. While I can get erect (and keep it) with max stimulation, it goes down immediately when stimulation stops. When erect, I feel no pain in my penis and there is no curvature. He said this isn't typical for Peyronie's but something is definitely going on.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Any advice appreciated!



The only advice I can give is to talk with your doctor to make a check for venous leak.
Can't see any other reason not being able to keep an erection without continuous strong stimulation.
I am in this movie also.

By the way, much better for the knowledge accumulation to renew an old post that to open an other one in the same subject :)

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I would describe my pain more like sharp pains. A little bit compearable to the feeling you get when you put your cold frozen hands under running warm water. A bit of a tingly feeling so to speak. And most of the time it only lasts a couple of seconds. This pain almost always happens while my penis is flaccid and "turtling" so I'm more prone to it after working out for example or when I masterbate while actually being overly tired etc.
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Thanks for the responses.

James- I've had 2 doppler ultrasounds. I know the doppler isn't necessarily conclusive for VL, but the Mayo Clinic andrologist says I definitely do not have a leak. Working for the top urology clinic in the US, I'm willing to believe him, haha. He also ruled out VL because I had priaprasm after a doppler, and I sometimes (not usually) can get strong, lasting erections with Viagra. With a true VL, he said an erection would not be attainable, independent of the way it was achieved.

Po- How often do you get your pains? I've had my pain before, but it's been a few months. Not sure what stimulated it this time, but it sure hurt like heck when I had it. I'd say it lasted only 10 minutes yesterday morning, but haven't felt it since.

If there was a plaque, would it usually be palpable through the skin? Had the "squeeze" test done at my appt in March and nothing was found. Doppler also showed no signs of plaquing. They said I can come in to get checked again, I just don't know if that's necessary yet.



You have stated:
Quotecan get strong, lasting erections with Viagra
I can't so I agree with your doctors, you don't have VL :)

Age 71, Peyronies from Jan 2009 following penis fracture during sex. Severe Erectile Dysfunction.
Lost 2" length and a lot of girth. Late start, still VED, Cialis & Pentox helped. Prostate surgery 2014.
Got amazing support on the forum


Small update.. I've had no pain the last few days and got a random hard-on today. Took advantage of the situation and masturbated. Erection wasn't rock hard the whole time, but it seemed somewhat normal to me. I felt no abnormalities when erect, but after ejaculating I noticed a cord-like structure (less than a centimeter in diameter) wrapping around the top of right shaft. I felt it, and it kind of felt like an enlarged vessel of some sort. 10 minutes later, it was gone and I was unable to palpate it.

Anyone feel something similar to this before? Searched this on google, and my symptoms kind of resemble sclerosing lymphangitis. Any advice appreciated!


Noticed that I can feel this cord-like structure somewhat when flaccid, but not nearly as much as after masturbation. Really not sure if I should be bothered by this or not. Feeling it today, it kind of feels like a raised string and only runs for probably 1/4 inch from left to right. I can only feel it when my foreskin is not covering my glans. When the glans is covered, the penis feels a lot smoother. I also noticed that if I move the penis skin, it is a lot less noticeable.

Any help appreciated. I know this description is kind of confusing, but I really don't know how to describe it.


We have the same problem have your nerves regenerated yet?
If tgey did how long did it take fr9m injury for nerves to heal