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I was diagnosed some 20 years ago. At the time I had no other symptoms other than a small pearl sized node left of midshaft, one third of the way up. I really did not pay any other attention to it. Then about 2-3 months ago I noticed the node had spread to a spider web of tissue and I had a "dent" in the left side where the original node was and a second on the right two thirds of the way up. In other words an off center hour glass. I do not have any pain currently but there is a slight shortening. From 5.5 to about 5.2 inches or so. To complicate things I have had ED the last 2-3 years. I have tried 3 kinds of prescriptions, Tri-mix injections, which work but are crazy expensive, a medical grade pump and various other types of silicone bands, which also help to a degree, also Alprostadil suppositories which I am currently using and work also to some degree but my Dr. says can make PDS worse or cause it. I'm frustrated to say the least. I am taking an exhasting list of supplements, as well as using a penile cream to help with rehydrating, sensitivity and blood circulation. Also DHEA cream. I am getting an appointment with a Urologist - Peyronies Disease specialist that is being scheduled. I have recently read "Overcoming Peyronie's" by Damien Xenakis which I found very helpful. And as he predicted my GP didn't even do an exam, penis or otherwise (at all) even though I went in for a complete physical. We talked, he ordered some labs and an xray. I believe there has been very very slight improvement on the upper dent over the past month of self treatment. I'm not sure about stretching exercises (although I have been doing some) because there are so many pros/cons and thoughts out there on this. So I have opted for a gentle approach as I know this can be in some opinions harmful. Also a little over a year ago I had a "P-shot" which in general is thought to increase size but also can be used to heal and help with ED, which was my reason, (however, thinking a little size boost wouldn't hurt). I think this multiple needle injection (it uses your own platlets and a catalyst to encourage regeneration) may have or could have contributed to my situation although it did not happen within what most would consider a reasonable time after the procedure. Part of my fear is that all of the ED efforts have cause enough damage to have triggered the recent changes. Being new here I have not had a chance to really dig into different situations. I lay mine out now to see what kind of intial responses I can get that can point me in the most helpful direction. Thank you all in advance for your support! :-[