new development of Peyronie's, need advice

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I have just recently noticed a bump on my penis that almost looks like a collar. This occurred about a week and a half ago. About a month before today, I noticed one day randomly that I had an extremely painful erection. I kind of tried to tough it out and continued masturbating every few days to "prove" to myself that I was fine. I masturbated pretty regularly before that, but did not start using lubrication until about half a year ago.Anyway, it's hard not to beat myself up after just continuing on like nothing was wrong. I am also quite young and in good shape.

When I first noticed the bump, it was fairly soft. However, recently it seems to have gotten a little bit harder and bigger, not significantly so though. The pain with erections is pretty much gone after about a month. I do not have any visible curvature at this time. Another concerning symptom I have is weaker erections and almost no random erections throughout the day. I've read a lot about this disease and discovered it is good to be proactive. I am scheduled to visit a urologist in one and a half weeks and plan on having an ultrasound done to confirm the my self diagnosis. I also plan on asking for medication and have read that some doctors stupidly recommend the wait and see approach. I have heard a few drugs that people recommend taking, but am not exactly sure. I have heard that Pentox, l-arginine, cialis are good to take. I have also heard vitamin E is ineffective. What other drugs would anyone recommend taking if my diagnosis is confirmed? Thank you to anyone for the help. This disease can take quite a toll on psychological health.



Hello and welcome to the forum. It is good to read that you have researched this through the forum and are being proactive. Do you recall having an injury of any kind?

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I don't think you should beat yourself up for ignoring it. If you were in denial, one month is not a long time to be in denial.


No, not specifically. Although I did visit a urologist for a urinary problem(more dribbling after urination than normal) about a week and a half before the pain started and he squeezed near my glans quite hard. It caused me to get very lightheaded and I became very pale. Is it possible that this could have cause the seemingly out of nowhere painful erections a week and a half later?