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Hello all new here just in last few months figured out what I had I just always thought it was just off from others or broke so to say. I just happy I can find out more about it and talk to others


Hello Bamabandit36,

I am 54 Years old and have peyronie's now for 3-4 Years,  I just woke one morning to find a 25-30 degree bend on dorsal side below the glans.
Peyronie's disease is a relatively common problem in men  40-60 Years of age (I think it's underreported)

Can you tell us some details of your condition as it helps all to share with this pesky condition  :)
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Old Man


OK, from your member ID number name, could be you from Alabama? Let me know as I am from Alabama too.

Old Man
Age 92. Peyronies Disease at age 24, Peyronies Disease after
stage four radical prostatectomy in 1995, Heart surgery 2004 with three bypasses/three stents.
Three more stents in 2016. Hiatal hernia surgery 2017 with 1/3 stomach reduction. Many other surgeries too.


I am 36 and have had a bend to mine for a long time just now figure what is going on. I am from Alabama but stay in Tennessee right now.