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Author Topic: What I did after surgery  (Read 1962 times)

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What I did after surgery
« on: September 08, 2016, 04:53:38 PM »

Well, it has been a year since my surgery. I thought things were going well. My penis although about 2.5 inches shorter is now straight and most of the discomfort I felt with super sensitivity on the bottom of my shaft is over. But something still wasn't  right. I noticed that I was loosing interest in sex, sure my penis was different, it was like someone else's penis on my body. I expected this, but not really comfortable with it. I noticed that as time went on, I was loosing interest in sex, but still felt it necessary with my spouse to keep me a man, so to speak. I would try to jerk off, but I just couldn't stay hard of feel the same things. I just felt like I was loosing interest in everything, not wanting to do much of anything and not feeling excited about anything either.
I went to my family physician and she agreed to do a low testosterone test and she said it came back normal.
More and more time went by and I felt like I was falling deeper and deeper into nothingness. I wasn't having morning erections and the only way I could have an erection was to watch porn or take a Viagra, but even when we would have sex, it was more of let's see if I can get a climax. I did some of the time, but it wasn't the same. Things were getting dark.
I went to see my urologist 2 months ago and explained the problem. He said right away he wanted to see the results from my primary care physician. He said right away, "they didn't test everything about what there is to test. He explained how some testosterone can be bound up by other substances in the body and that maybe that was my problem and perhaps my free testosterone wasn't sufficient enough to give me a normal T level.
OK, I might not have stated everything correctly, I am not a doctor, but what happened is true.
Sure enough the tests came back, I do have a low-T. I had 2 different tests and they both showed low total T available.
I started testosterone replacement therapy 1 month ago and wow, things are so much better. I am getting erections every morning, some nights, and particularly when I see my spouse naked.
I feel better, I feel like completing things that had been on hold for months, I am happier, I feel stronger and I am having rock hard erections and climaxes that I hadn't felt in over a year.
I am still trying to cope with a shorter penis and it's not thick like it used to be, and it now has a nice upward bend, that my spouse like. I looked on line and saw that once a penis shrinks, it won't come back. I wished I had gone to my urologist sooner about my previously un-diagnosed low testosterone. Perhaps if I had gone to him sooner, I could have saved more of my girth and length. Like I said I am trying to cope with it, but I wanted to tell others that if you are experiencing low-t symptoms, go to a urologist that knows what they are doing. Mine helped me.
Please feel free to ask me any questions, it's been a slow process.
I'd also like to know how others feel about loosing their "pride and joy" penis. I really am not joking, it's difficult, but maybe if we share stories, etc. , we might help each other. I have tried to bring the subject up with a close buddy friend....and he just can't get it. I guess women go through some similar things when they have breast reconstruction from cancer surgery. The only problem is, penis reconstruction is still an far off thing. So I would like to hear how other men are coping or not with penis straightening surgery.
Nesbit surgery 2015, 66 years young, Titan Implant 4/25/19, 22cm, Dr. Lentz, Duke University NC
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