10 days of traction and results!!!

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I'm ecstatic right now.  I've gotten very noticeable straightening in just ten or eleven days of 6-8 hours a day, in two hour increments with at least 30 minute breaks.

I hope you reading are consoled and filled with hope.  I am!!!

If this was after 10 days then I'm super confident I'm eventually getting back to the old me!!!

My advice?  Before embarking on 6-8 hours daily, start out slow.  Just two hours.  Let your skin cells get use to the device. Even the foam fastener can irritate at first.

After a week of that then start to amp up the hours.  Do not plunge in and immediately go for 8 hours.  That's a sensitive area as you know.  Go slow.

Don't feel you need to stretch as if you're thinking that more to the stretch will mean better or quicker results.  Your penis will just slip out, and you'll be uncomfortable.  Just set it so that you're stretched a few inches.  You should feel comfortably snug, not in pain.

Practice with the device so you're comfortable and have an easy time.  At first I was extremely frustrated with the mechanism.  It would slip off, I would unscrew too much and it would fall apart.  I was beyond frustrated and angry but got the hang of it.  

Well, this is a happy day.  I can't believe results like this, any results, in ten days!

I am so grateful because I'm certain this will be completely or mostly straightened and brought back to where I was before being stricken with this horrible disease.  But it's not horrible.  It's temporary!

Be hopeful my friends.  I'm ecstatic.


Also, another tip: unfurl a cotton ball and rip off some.  Wrap it around the head to further comfort you with the foam thing over.  It keeps you from getting sore.


Great tips and post! I am also shocked and relieved by how useful traction is. It feels like the only tool I have in many ways and it does work fast. Thanks and congrats :)


CharlesT.............Must be Nice.  I used a Traction Device for 6 months and achieved Nothing.  I used a VED for much longer and achieved Nothing.  Then I was put on hold for 1 1/2 years due to kidney cancer.  I have been trying to create a routine again for my very bad peyronies............lost at least 3 inches in length and have about a 90 degree bend to the right..............I really am discouraged, but I'm glad you had some success.  dplookin


I'm sorry to hear.  I'm hoping you find results somehow.  It may seem very hopeless.  We must cling to hope.  Even if it's difficult.  This disease is cruel.  



X4 Labs. I'm hoping for complete reversal eventually.  Definite noticeable improvement.

Here's the best improvement--my flaccid size is now back to normal!  People talk about losing inches but they mean hard.  I lost inches hard and soft!  My flaccid became the size like after swimming, embarrassingly small.  just 10 days brought the flaccid size back!!

The erecting still is bent.  It's only been two weeks but there's a difference I can see.  And I feel the difference with my hand.  Down the shaft on the underside I felt kind of a squishy quality underneath the skin.  Maybe that's scar tissue?  It felt soft though.  Well I don't really feel that anymore.

The greatest joy is the return of my normal flaccid penis.  And I have hope for the erect.

This disease you MUST have hope.  Make yourself have it no matter what!!


It's mind boggling to think that my regular doctor said there's no treatment for this and when I went to a highly rated urologist place they too said there's no treatment at all.

Then I go online and learn about traction, which sounds insane.  My rational brain thought oh yeah right, the doctor and urologist specialists said no cure, no treatment, but some weird traction device is going to help?  Well some things in life are stranger than fiction!  

I'm very happy and hopeful.  


Nice insight and congrats again. Your flaccid improvement will lead to erect improvements, or at least slow down or stop the worsening. On a daily basis, your flaccid penis simply by hanging better, will allow your penis to be healthier.

We really have reached a time where the patients often outclass the doctors. I cannot discredit doctors and I won't attempt to do that, but it can't be denied anymore that with so many illnesses, this is the case.


CharlesT, I'm excited that you're excited with your results.
If anyone is just starting with traction, don't be discouraged. I started 2 days ago with the X4. I was hating it. The more I tried, the more I kept pinching and hurting myself. I tried 3 different fastening methods. After 4 or 5 hours of screwing around with it, I was ready to throw it in the garbage.

The next day, I used the silicone tube wrapped in foam. That's what I'd used first. All I had to do was protect the head with the hand that was holding the device compressed. Just pulling a little on each tube end until it was snug did the trick. You don't have to pull till it pinches. That day I did 2 hours and then a 30 minute rest and then another 2 hours.
Today I did two and two again and it was easier than yesterday. I don't have much of a curve, but I have lost length and I'm hoping I can get close to where I used to be.We're all different, but we all have to keep hoping and trying.



Here's a great trick to avoid pinching as you tighten the tubes:

With the foam around the head (I gently pull the head out until the foam is around the head.) I then do this:

I'm right handed.  With my left thumb I pull back the head, pull back as in bend the head back toward my belly.  That gives more room to tighten or pull down on the tubes with my right hand.

When I've pulled down on the tubes until I can't anymore, I then let my left thumb go and the head relaxes, no pinching and very snug.

Final step is pulling both tubes under tightly.  They go in the slots themselves.

In the beginning  I made the mistake of pushing with my fingers, pushing the tubes into the slots. You don't have to do that. Just pull and they go in by themselves.  


I'd be curious how long @CharlesT and @dplookin had symptoms before they embarked on traction.

Jim Cyb

Thanks Charles these results are encouraging!

I have a question for you guys, I just discovered I have peyronies a few months ago, it came on suddenly, my question is should I begin traction immediately? I think I read that we should wait 18 months before undertaking any kind of treatment, is that just BS?

I've had peyronies for less than 6 months, would it do any harm to begin traction ?




Have you been actually diagnosed with Peyronies?  

If so, do not wait. Begin traction now. This disease is best tackled in the early stages. The earlier you fight back the better chance you have of mitigating the damage.

If you've been told differently by a urologist without an exceptional reason as to why, find another Uro.  


If you had a sports injury would you wait a year and a half to begin rehab?


I never knew traction existed until having this for 4 years.  I'm seeing improvement. I am hoping for complete reversal.  I'm forcing myself to only have hope.  The alternative is too depressing.

Keep the faith and hope alive my friends.  

Jim Cyb

Full quote deleted by moderator. Read the forum rules!!!

No Ive not been to see the Uro yet, but Im fairly certain I have it, at first I had a dimple at the base of my penis which was causing a huge shift in the direction of my erections, now I seem to have some hour-glassing also, to touch it feels ropey in these areas, also I have a significant reduction in erection length.

I ordered a Phallosan traction device and im going to book an appointment with a Uro.

Also, im certain that the antibiotic Cipro was the cause of this for me, for months after I took Cipro I had many problems and pain with connective tissue like tendons, muscles and joints. I see that recently the FDA announced that these fluoroquinolone antibiotics can cause permanent damage to connective tissue and have now issued black box warnings (see link below). This condition with my dick happened alongside all the other problems I was having following a recent course of Cipro. I believe that when your connective tissue is compromised following these antibiotics even masturbation is enough to cause the plaque scarring. Im very bitter about all of this.

FDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA advises restricting fluoroquinolone antibiotic use for certain uncomplicated infections; warns about disabling side effects that can occur together

Is there anything else along with traction devices that you guys have found to be helpful?
thanks for your help.



"An FDA safety review has shown that fluoroquinolones when used systemically (i.e. tablets, capsules, and injectable) are associated with disabling and potentially permanent serious side effects that can occur together. These side effects can involve the tendons, muscles, joints, nerves, and central nervous system."

Wow how much more vague can they get?  :|

If you have hourglassing you better get on a VED pronto.  In my experience traction did not help hourglassing.  Hourglassing requires (IMHO) penis expansion not just lengthening.  I'm not a doctor but that's what happened to me.  Didn't see hourglassing correction until I started using the VED daily.

Jim Cyb

Thanks Steveo,
I'll give the traction a shot for a little while and if I dont see an improvement i'll look into VED. Which VED would you recommend ?

The reason the FDA report is vague is because the recorded adverse reactions to these drugs are so wide-ranging. There are some unfortunate victims who are confined to wheelchair due to bilateral achilles tendon rupture, while others are left with permanent all-over burning pain due to peripheral neuropathy. I consider myself relatively lucky as mainly I just had tendon pain and 6 months later now my symptoms are clearing (apart from suspected Peyronies), but I had joined a facebook group for people who had adverse reactions to these drugs, and I can say that there are several thousand people in that group who now believe their life is over. I dont think that the majority of the general population experience adverse reactions to these drugs, but when adverse reactions do occur they can be devastatingly severe and permanent. Google 'fluoroquinolone toxicity' if you're interested to learn more.


 Fascinating info about the antibiotics because I took antibiotics for years before I had sinus surgery.  But I believe the disease is hereditary. Because I know my dad has that duprete syndrome however you spell it, which is related to peyronie's.

I sympathize with being bitter but  once you see a little improvement you will have hope. I am definitely seeing improvement after about six weeks of traction. If I'm seeing improvement after six weeks I can only be hopeful that I'm going to see a lot more improvement after six months. Maintain hope!

In addition to going through traction, I believe this disease calls upon us to strengthen our hope.

On traction, I can't believe that it's not THEE prominent and publicized remedy.  I was just on Johns Hopkins page and they don't even mention traction!!!

No wonder it took me four years to even learn about it as an option.

Six weeks and it is working!!


7 week update.

Flaccid size I am back to normal.  I've noticed big girth improvement.  I recall when I first used it I was real narrow as I stretched in the device.  Now I'm thick to the point of close to touching the bars with the girth.  I'm very happy flaccid wise.  I'm back to being able to be naked at the gym shower.  Before traction I had been shrinking so much that flaccid wise I was too embarrassed.  Thank the universe for traction and the incredible improvement flaccid wise.

Now erect wise I feel and see improvement but since part impotence has hit me from this I have not had a full erection to fully test and see the improvement.

I know I have improved because I'll get hard 3/4 of the way for a spell.  When it happens I see and feel improvement.

I'm going to get a physical tomorrow and ask the Dr. for Cialis.  Once I'm fully erect I'll report back the progress.

Traction has saved me.


Hi CharlesT,

Very pleased for you!

What kind of bend do you have? How many degrees? Any hour glassing? I got my traction device today and have started (slowly). Do you have a rod device or a belt? I am thinking the latter as 8hrs is a long time each day. The research I have read says 8hrs is optimal and 3hrs is a minimum.



How do you wear this for 6 hours a day? You just lay in bed all day? Or wear it at work?
Peyronies Disease December 2015.
Caused by Reactive Arthritis, November 2015.
Length before erect: 7.2in
Girth before erect: 6.5in? Just a guess. Was 5.9 after loosing girth/having hourglass and first measuring.
Length erect. 6.2in
Girth erect: 4.1


Won't stretching and vaccums damage the penis even more? Seems risky.
Peyronies Disease December 2015.
Caused by Reactive Arthritis, November 2015.
Length before erect: 7.2in
Girth before erect: 6.5in? Just a guess. Was 5.9 after loosing girth/having hourglass and first measuring.
Length erect. 6.2in
Girth erect: 4.1


Michiganguy - Read through the studies here Traction Studies - Peyronies Society Forums

Traction is in my opinion the best treatment available for peyronie's.
This is an emotionally destructive condition, we all have it, let's be nice to each other.

Review of current treatment options by Levine and Sherer]


Yup, read the reactions studies. I measure longer now than I did before the disease.


i'm curious where you guys get your traction device from?


Quote from: Michiganguy19 on November 26, 2016, 02:18:01 PM
Won't stretching and vaccums damage the penis even more? Seems risky.

You have to do it cautiously and in moderation. Meaning don't over pump and don't go crazy with traction.
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I don't know the degrees of my bend.  It bends up and there's a bit of a dent at the right base.

I'm improving but the last 6 weeks I've barely used traction.  My work schedule was crazy.

I suggest getting up early, do two hours.  Then after work try and get at least 4 more.

I use the x4lab with the foam wrapped around the head.

I'm committing to regular use again and demand continued results.  Hope is too uncertain.  I'm demanding it works.


This link explains how to measure your curvature, there are several 'angles' to be aware of (erection angle, curvature angle, direction, etc.)
It is important to understand your degree of curvature as this may provide insight as to what treatments to try. PM me if you have questions.

Developed peyronies 2007 - 70 degree dorsal curve
Traction/MEDs/Injections/Surgery 2008 16 years Peyronies free now
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