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Hi all, I am suffering from this ailment since four months and have already lost about an inch lenght. Does all of us bound to loss lenght and girth and is there any way we can gain the lost lenght again?? And how much lenght onelost approximately?? I already lost 1" and worried about losing more.


I actually gained length since pre-Peyronie's. I did traction for several years and VED therapy for only a few months. I do traction on a daily basis.

That being said, I am smaller than usual depending on my arousal level and depending on my last sexual activity. Peyronie's does make it so now my poorer erections are worse than pre-disease, but as long as I'm on track with other things, I'm good.

So, improve your penile health and overall health, and do traction, with either a device or by hand but be very careful. Same goes for VED.


Traction and vacuum pump along with cialis. Other than that....



That is what i observed as well, the length does depends upon last activity and amount of arousal. Is your traction by hand technique available on this forum?

And little off topic, is masturbation daily without maximum contact alright or will it further deteriorate the penis?


Definitely. When I was younger they were all mostly the same, and now I see more variance depending mostly on sleep and arousal. I try not to watch any stimulating material and stick to the real thing or imagination.

24, what do you mean by maximum contact? I did write a bit about my technique on the improvements board, but I should probably update it and sticky it. The problem is that I think the angle and duration really depend on your case. For me, a downward angle works best and from side to side. I'll write up a detailed explanation when I can.


Please pardon my English as i am not a native speaker of this language. From maximum contact i mean the same thing as you mentioned in your reply, more imagination as compared with manual stimulation. I only touch it when i am near orgasm.

P.s i have two types of curves one at base which is downward and gradual (still not sure its congenital or peyronies) and the other near glans at circumcision scar which twist my glans towards the left. So what type of manual traction would be good to counter these bends?