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We offer our most sincere condolences to Old Man who lost his wife of 59 years on Monday night to Pancreatic Cancer.   
He is in our sincere thoughts and prayers.

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Author Topic: update since last time  (Read 1377 times)

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update since last time
« on: June 14, 2016, 01:42:06 AM »

Sorry if i am posting in the wrong spot just wanted to shed some light.

So its been a little time and i am here to shed some light and just give everyone what i have done and what has worked for me.

I started by taking PENTOX and COLCECINE, for me they did not do much, i only took them for about a month, so don't let this discourage you but i want to state my experience. It did not really help my condition and in the beginning it was still progressing. What i noticed about the combination of PENTOX and colcecine is that they caused me to have irritable bowel , constipation, and just gastronal problems. I stopped taking them, and here is why,

IF you look around on the internet a little you will see that connective tissue disorders are directly connected with digestive problems in some cases. Now alot of people will say, well i eat well and take care of my body, so now here is another angle...anxiety  and fear and worry directly affect your digestion regardless what you are putting in your body, i mean u could take all the supplements eat good foods but if your nervous system is under pressure you cannot heal and you cannot digest properly.

I would estimate that 90% plus of the people out there are affected mentally by Peyronies Disease. I know that somewhere it said that 50% are affected by depression but to be honest i would have to put that number higher, especially if you are someone who is not in a relationship. This is just my opinion i might be wrong, maybe im right but anyway....

MY point is , our human bodys are capable of amazing whatever the case at the end of the day can do whatever treatment can get surgury...will it help...maybe...maybe not but i can say that the way i am looking to fight this is with the body first. At the end of the day it can only help, that i can 100% say.

Here is what i am doing:

I have been eating clean, coconut oil, grass fed beef, all types of berries including goji berries, organic vegtables when i can. Variety, that is the way i do it. this is an example of the shopping list for me...basically paleo, i try to buy organic.

Eggs, Beef grass fed, chicken, willd salmon, tuna, blueberries, rasberries, blackberries, watermellon(almost every day), cantalope, peppers, cucumbers, bannas,exc.. long grain brown rice, spinach, mushrooms,exc...i know it might sound stupid but its are what you eat.

-supplements-COq10, Magnesium, fish oil omega 3, horny goat weed, maca extract, raw cacao, l-carnatine.

walk for 2 hrs a day....i started at 45 min but i moved up to 2hrs.

exercise program...this means strenuous excercise that will get your endorphins going fact... exposing ur penis to sunlight can cause a increase of testosterone by 500%

intermidient can lookup why this helps...ur growth hormone gets increased substantially because ur metabolism is allowed to enter a fast state.. 16-8 .....16 hours fast 8 hour eating window...

IF YOU CAN...start juicing...just buy butloads of veggies and ginger root that has great digestive enzymes which are essencial for healthy digestion...remember...digestion might be part of the problem for some people.

(side note) doing the above will take u farther away from anxiety and depression. as i mentioned before..if you are constantly down ur body cannot work right...hell if ur constantly worried about ur erection ur body cannot run in this fight or flight mode which many of us are in including myself from the environments the modern world has presented us. Fight or Flight was designed for exactly that ..when u are stressed ,,lets say ur boss fires ur stressed about income...taking care of bills, family, your penis on top of this... you get that feeling in the center of your body of u want to run...but in the world we live in you have nothing to run from. our old ancient instincts are working against us..because if a wolf was after you then yes getting that feeling is REALLY important for SURVIVAL...but if SURVIVAL is not the problem and your body is stuffing itself with cortizol and worry hormones...testosterone drops..body cannot repair...

dont take my word for it go out there and research...if you cannot get in the repair state from over stress and anixeity, WHICH I BELIEVE EVERYONE HAS GONE TRUE WITH PEYRONIES>.....if not almost everyone....then ur body cannot repair itself with healthy elastic fibers.)))sorry for the long rant

a goal other than the one for ur penis.( this sounds silly but seriously, this only gets better long term there is no way that this condition will get better in a month or 2 sorry) so dwelling day in and day out will not help.

(this one here is my opinion , have not tested it yet, salt water tropical enviorment...go on vacation,,at least 2 weeks and take in all the sun and salt water u can in it might sound silly but i think there are healing properties soon as i can thats my next test....but see even 2 weeks might not be enough..i bet a tropical enviornment along with all the other stuff i listed LONG TERM...might help tremendously. but less that 1% can just give up on their life and do this...which sucks...wish we could all just live on a beach and heal lol...


anyways what i have noticed since doing these things...and my consistance has to improve as well because ive messed up and eaten junk food and crap like that it has helped...i am having better erections and the "flare ups" or days my penis look dead have remember for me it has only been 4 months since first onset of Peyronies Disease>...'

Im not here to make a treatment plan each is their own...i bought a VED and have not used it it scares me but that is just me i don't want to discourage anyone on their journey.

What i am saying is that maybe some answers are right in front of us...i have had girth is larger slightly...things are moving forward..maybe its better blood flow...

At the end of the day all this is advise and weather or not it will work for others is of course quesitonable...but i can say it will only make you happier and better equipped for this conditon if you follow these simple things...they are what trully "work" for most health problems in life.

sorry for the long post but i just wanted to share because i have seen improvements with this treatment in my case.

any questions shoot them my way id love to help.





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Re: update since last time
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2016, 03:36:56 AM »

Great job on the diet and lifestyle changes. Diet is crucial to penile and arterial health. There's no way around it, regardless of just how helpful it will be to mending your case of Peyronie's. Every morning I eat a bowl of blueberries with raw ginger slices, black coffee, and a box of natto.

When I was desperate and in the active phase I remember doing nude sunbathing on the porch of where I was living. Like you, I read exposing your penis to sunlight radically increased testosterone. Honestly I think it's a great idea, within limits. Sunlight in general helps with nitric oxide production I read most recently. It's all very much connected, though of course there are cases where those with a flawless diet get the disease. Still, keep eating those berries and keep your penile arteries clean. Good job!


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Re: update since last time
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2016, 02:56:13 PM »

Thank you for ur reply, I just went on vacation for a week and had a bad week of bad eating habits and things are a little worse than usual...pain in my's crazy how connected things are to a healthy eating and exercise regiment.

 Thanks again neoV for ur response... I also wanted to ask...I went to my urologist and he told me that scar tissue cannot be seen on a ultrasound unless it is calcified or in the later stages of progression, is this true??? Anyways I am continuing with my treatment let's hope things go well from here on out.
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