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Hey guys..ok so I've been rubbing in a Super Oxide dismutase cream and then applying Castor oil on top and rubbing in 2-3 X daily for couple weeks now.. I'm also trying to do heat therapy when I can.. I was putting Absorbine on top of the mixture but stopped few days ago my skin was getting a little irrated..nothing terrible just thought I'd give it a break..ill prob go back to it..

Any flaccid length and girth has increased a ton?? Now my erect length and girth I don't think has changed which is all that matters really but it's really strange..literally my flaccid length has increased at least 1cm and that's a lot.  I've not noticed a change yet in the plaque or anything else Peyronies Disease related but thought I'd share.  I have read that Castor oil can penetrate deeply into tissue..just wanted to share as its doing something. I think any topical therapy or any therapy needs to last at least 3 months.  I noticed this change over the last couple days and I was like wth? It's a lot way carry on..


That sounds very good. Keep on using the absorbine cause you want the helping ingredients of castor oil etc. go deep right to the place of the plague.
(DMSO which isnt as easy to use might be an option too.)
The castor oil itself should nourish the skin enough. Aloe helps too. Of course with any open or wound skin it makes no sense to aggrevate the tissue.

I got my nodules very soft through similar regimes. They hardened after some time whenever I stopped treatment and needed again days and weeks to soften again.

This needs much time. I suspect much longer then they formed. Very small steps.
Daily Transdermals and Traction/VED solved my Peyronies Disease,12587.0.html (DMSO+X)


My penis was injured during sex girl friend had a ring on and squeeze a little too hard. This happen
May 30 2016.  The next day I noticed an half inch indent on the right side and curved up. I can feel
The hard scar tissue. After reading everything about peyronie disease this is the treatment I came
up with.  The curvature, indent and hard mass decreased greatly.  

Starting on June 300 mg of CoQ10 daily.  Warm compresses twice daily for 30 to 45 minutes.
Starting in July warm compress  maybe twice a week with Castor oil.  Daily I apply Castor oil.
The scar tissue or hard mass is shrinking and hopefully at the end of July should be healed!
The mass has really started to shrink in July, not sure if it's the castor oil. But what ever it's healing!   Thanks for all the post on the forum and just want to share.
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Are you heat compresses very hot ,wet or dry?

What is the CoQ10 and where can you buy it?

What kind of Castor Oil, for food or massage?

jim morrison

I have been applying castor oil for a week, rubbing it in at night and have seen the same kind of improvements. The improvements seem huge. I did heat with it last night and everything seems bigger, healthier and erections come easier.


Hi Jim ,

How did the castor oil work out for you ?! How are you doing now ?


Hi guys,
Did anyone see a positive result after following this treatment of applying castor oil?