23 year old , Peyronie's diagnosis, life changing, fighting back

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Hello and I would first like to thank the originaters that there is a forum like this that exists so that people can learn and help each other on a condition that is not taken seriously and really is much more damaging than people can ever imagine.

Sorry for the long post ahead of time, I have alot to say.

For me it was a case of bad luck when it comes to my health and also bad decision making. I have hypercholesterolemia familial that for me created a problem this winter because I live in Washington where there is not that much sun in the winter I went through a period where my body was not repairing properly and I got depressed. I gained 40 pounds I was eating fast food everyday and not getting sufficient sunlight. No exercise depressed ,you name it I was going through it.

MY ERECTIONS we're always good however and in my case I was masturbating a lot sometimes even 3 to 4 times a day because I was depressed, addicted to mastubation, erectile problems.

ALL OF A SUDDEN , the girth at the base of my penis started to decrease and I noticed that it was smaller than it used to be. Then almost instantly after that maybe about a month-and-a-half the mid shaft to glands on the left side of my penis started to not inflate properly and not inflate and it looked like there was a dent. The whole left corpora cavernosa did not look the same as before and from the mid to glands on the left side there was a noticeable difference. My girth had decreased by about 1/2 an inch and my length had decreased about 3/4 of an inch.

From this point forward everything has been different I had groin pain on my left side pain that would even be on the inner top of my left leg where my groin meets my penis. I would get pain in my lower left back which I still get and even in my left foot and ankle which I still get.

NOW when I have an erections it is not as full as before and it seems to have a curved towards me and to the left but it is not visible when fully erect. Only when my penis is halfway erect it can be seen easily and it looks like a dent where it's just from the mid to the glands and just curve to the left. The left balloon is not filling properly and the right balloon is actually a hundred percent fine. Another thing that I don't understand is I do not have plaque or bumps that everyone speaks of, which is weird but I guess the scarring or whatever is causing this for me is something holding it back from achieving good erection.

I have went to 4 urologist and finally the 5th diagnosed Peyronies Disease. I had a ultrasound color Doppler done which came out good and then I had a good blood flow. It just seems as if my penis is broken and it hangs to the left and just feels sort of rigid when in flaccid.

This has really taken a toll on me. It is changed my life and I think about it almost all the time. I was a really confident person when it came to my penis  it is my best friend LOL  and now  it has turned into something that I'm trying to fix  and that I am not happy with  and not happy to share it with others  AKA women .  My sex life  has taken a toll from this because it's hard for me to approach women  and it has created a lot of social anxiety for me . However I have lost 30 pounds I am exercising everyday and I am eating good foods and hoping to fix this problem with healing. I don't really know what to do the help that's why I am here to learn like many others I have spent countless hours on the internet searching symptoms of penis dents, erectile problems, you name it I've typed it into Google LOL. For me it sucks that I have corrected my depression lost weight have gotten my health on the right track but this now is the problem.

For now I am taking pentox, fish oil, I smoke marijuana even though I should stop but the doctor told me that it doesn't have anything to do with this condition. I still masturbate and I'm trying to figure out what to do with that even though the doctor told me to stop.

For me right now I just have a lot of questions as to what to do moving forward.
1. The doctor told me not to masturbate but I am stuck between the whole use-it-or-lose-it or let it heal sort of idea, what should I do?
2. I do not have the plaque or bump that everyone speaks of however it still feels like it's not inflating properly and as I mentioned before. What does this mean?
3. Would a neurologist or pelvic floor specialist help?
4. would a vacuum or traction treatments help me out at this stage of the game or should I wait and see what happens?
5. Is there a Imaging that can show scar tissue? When I spoke to the urologist they told me that there really is no Imaging that can show if or if not there is scar tissue. To me I feel like they're lying to me.
6. Would a hot tub help?

I could probably sit here and write paragraphs more but for now I just wanted to connect with some people and learn and see if I can help them with my situation and theirs. I am 23 years old but for the past year I've been living my life like an old man because party and all that having fun is just not been something that I have been a part of. It is not easy because I want to get high and drink on weekends have fun meet women but I know that or don't know that some of that stuff could be harmful to my recovery so I've tried to stay away from it.

At the end of the day all that we can all do is stay positive there is always light at the end of the tunnel and I will fight until The Bitter End to fix my problem just like everyone else here is fighting back to.


Hi mate sorry to hear about this crap! I am 17 and have been in the exact mental places you have, it is awful!! Before I go to sleep just thought I'd try answer your questions!         

1. I think the best answer is, a bit of both, at the end of the day if you never use it, you probably will loose it's function but if you over use it this can make things way worse, best thing to do as NeoV told me is only master are when your body is telling you too, every 3-4days, if your in pain STOP!

2. There is a plaque hidden under the surface that is restricting blood flow to that certain area of your glands, this happened to me and eventually I did develop little plaques I could notice, just do everything to increase blood flow down there to help the blood break past that barrier!!

3.probably not worth the time or money bro, best off doing some pelvic floor exercises yourself, I can help u out with that if you need!!

4.i would say hold out atm but if any a VED is way better, I f***** my dick up when u was 16 using a traction device man, I personally will never use one again, veds help with blood flow as well which would benefit you more!!

5.i am pretty sure there is some sort of scan you can get to like determin if there is Peyronies plaques, trouble is a doc probably won't give you a check as it "costs too much money"

6.doean't need to be a hot tub a hot bath or hot pillow will help with pain and hard flaccid.

Would of replied in more detail but I am off to sleep, hope you stay strong budd!!!


Thank you so much for your reply! At this point the fact that there is somewhere to get information about this BS is amazing. It's a good thing you told me that because I was tempted to go to traction. I will now wait.

I can say this , i just want the function to go back to normal, it's weird how some days are better than others...I also use marijuana sometimes (dont know if this is beneficial or harmful but hey I will say this....when I use it I have always had harder erections...I'm trying to stay drug free and clean besides the pentox)//

The decrease is size is a hard pill to swallow, but  not as hard as the social anxiety. I don't know if I should try and get a girl, it's been so long, almost a year, and if I get one I'm worried my Erectile Dysfunction will only bring me shame. I'm just a perfectionist, I try not to be but , I want the girl to be in extasy , to love the pleasure I give her... And in the past I have had nothing but good said which fed my ego. It's like when ur girl goes to her friends, brags about ur dick and how it's amazing,...it might sound weird but I fed off this, maybe even too much , which is why it makes now harder for me because of that level of stimulation...

We are all just men at the end of the daay, we all want to be alpha males especially in this world we live in with media and standards,. But deep down I just want a woman who will love me and the pleasure I give her... That's all...and being young (23) kind of a bumming time to get this...I can imagine at 17 it's even harder for you.

ON a lighter note, WE have to fight...every day it a step in this world... You can get worse, stay the same , or better yourself ...90% of the time it's up to you. One thing this whole ordeal has done for me is push me toward health, it has stopped me from being bad eating habits and getting high all the time. It's motivation, because I can tell you this. You can give me all the money in the world,$millions, whatever objects cars, mansions, pretty whores, exc.... It ain't going to bring you happiness... It's a ploy, it's what they want us to do these media and all the higher ups...and it's working...85% of everyone buys into it ...but I can see the light... It's like this forum... No one is making money, no one is getting anything but helping each other feel better

The way you make people feel is the only thing that's real. It's the only memories that people will trully remember. Many people with health problems like this one and others feel hopeless, I know sometimes I do, but ... Just remember... You can make someone feel happy... Anyone... Whether it's a loved one or someone random... And that is such a powerful thing... More than almost anything else. That look in someone's eyes when u help them... They wish they could give you anything in that split second...

SO the next time ur having a bad day, head down, sad...and u notice people around u not as interested in you.. It's because the negative frequency you are on...that's why u have to cheer up..because it weighs on others when u are sad...so u can't go around being a Debby downer...look at any situation with people... U have to be cheerful! Others will only match wat you bring to the table.

Idk I guess I'm just ranting but ...all in all I am really happy for the real things like this forum , how there is help , caring people,..it's not easy to find that nowadays


Hi KobraClutch,

What GearsAce said...but also...

1. I'm told penile MRI scans are the best for examining tissue quality and scarring. 
2. Hot baths can be good, but you might also want to consider heat packs. These have become popular on the forum recently. Why not have a read of the thread? Heat Packs - Peyronies Society Forums
3. Give up the weed. Yes, your erections can be stronger when stoned because it can stimulate arousal....but I think it can decrease the frequency/rigidity of nocturnal erections, and it's these type of erections that maintain penis health.
4. Cut down on the masturbation, but don't stop completely. Perhaps do it gently for the time being.




Ok I have a couple more questions

1. Should I wait to treat with Vacuum yet? I have had it for 3 months so far.
2. What treatment should I do rather than what I'm doing now? Right now I am taking pentox and colchezine , hand warmers wrapped applied for 30 min a day and Absobine Jr applied .
3. To masturbate I'm thinking once or twice a week..
4. I live in Washington , where can I find a specialist? ...I live in Washington and I am trying to do a MRI.
5. Will losing weight help with this condition? I weigh 248 and am 6'0"
6. What things can I do to prevent this from getting worse?. I know anything cab happen but I'm going to be optimistic.
7. Should I worry about regain size now or wait till later? I've had the condition for 3 months now


Also should I do strenuous activity or just limit to walking for weight loss.?


Hi Kobraclutch,

In answer to your questions, using your numbering:

1. That's up to you. VED is safe as long as you go gently and use carefully so you can start as soon as you like.
2. You could also try low dose daily Cialis, along with dietary supplements L-Arginine, Acetyl L Carnitine and Coq10.
3. Good idea - I think that's considered average for your age.
4. Check out this list - https://www.peyroniesforum.net/index.php/topic,4063.0.html
5. Potentially yes.
6. Everything mentioned above.
7. Peyronies is best tackled early on. Many people on the forum think VED is the best way to regain size.
8. I don't think the level of the aerobic exercise has a negative impact on peyronies. A healthy heart promotes blood flow, which is good for peyronies :). However if you experience penis pain when you exercise I would suggest stopping and finding an exercise that doesn't hurt.