Seeking US Surgeons performing Egydio Technique for Penile Curvature

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I am new to this forum and trying to figure out how to use the site.  As the subject states I am looking for a Surgeon.  I have had both types of injections for Peyronies disease and neither have worked.  I am now seeking qualified surgeons in the United States. 

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Look down the main board for "Urologists and other Doctors".  You'll find a list of qualified surgeons in the U.S.

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I am new to this site and have no idea where to find the main board?




Here is a link for you,4063.0.html

I am not aware of any surgeons performing the Egydio technique in the USA. One of the foremost experts on the disease is considered to be Dr Levine in Chicago.


The Egydio and the STAGE techniques are both Nesbitt technique variations. The Lue 16 Dot technique is similar and was developed 10-15 years ago in the US by Dr Lue in San Francisco and is performed by a number of doctors. The other techniques were developed in Europe. They all have similar results. You just have to remember that different academic surgeons will describe their own "technique" over somebody else. They will not change unless there is a substantial difference.
There are a number of US surgeons such as Dr Lue and Dr Morey in Texas who now perform the technique through a small lateral incision at the base of the penis. This means no circumcising incision and less post operative swelling.


The Egydio technique is NOT a Nesbitt variation.

The Nesbitt technique basically shortens the 'long side'  of the penis to correct the curvature. Approx loss of length is 1cm per 20 degrees of curvature.

The Egydio technique is completely different and works by making relaxing incisions in the 'short side' based on geometric principles. The penis is straightened through that. Loss of length is minimal to none.