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  The following is a one-post compilation of highlights from hundreds of posts in the Open Questions On Peyronies Disease thread. Individual posts have been copied into this page and no grammar or wording has been changed from the original post. Entire posts have been copied where possible to retain the context of the original post. The posts are entered in chronological order from the top of the page to the bottom, so the oldest posts will be read first and the most recent posts will be read last. This IS a work in progress and will be added to and edited so check back often.


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Concerning the current round of questions I can tell you all how I feel about it.

1)  I believe diseases like Peyronie's are "caused" by a confluence of multiple factors that may vary somewhat from person to person.  Various things set the stage systemically and then a minor mishap and due to the systemic anomalies normal healing does not take place and aberrant inflammation and fibrosis set in.

2)  I DON'T believe that there is any one "silver bullet", at least not yet, that can resolve Peyronie's.  There are a number of things that I believe CAN be helpful.  But no one thing in isolation can do the job.  Likewise there is NO one thing that by its absence will hugely hinder your fight against Peyronie's.  I think some are dying an early death simply because they can't get access to that one substance that will magically "do the job".  Regrettably at this point there is no such "silver bullet" out there and probably won't be for a long time even though there are exciting new things in the development pipeline.

3)  There ARE a string of things that can be helpful.  Pentoxifylline, Acetyl L Carnitine, Full Spec Vitamin E, and the VED can be helpful in a MAJOR way.  There are other things that can also be beneficial.  Among them are SAN VasoFlow, Horny Goat Weed,  Mangosteen and such.  There are also some things that may not be particularly helpful, BUT may be particularly harmful in terms of Peyronie's IF you are deficient in them.  I am referring to things like B Vitamins, L Carnosine, and Vitamin D3.  There are others.  In these cases, one can often get just as much benefit by taking, for example, one or two pills a week of these things rather than three a day.  The point is not that they are somehow therapeutic, but rather, since they have anti-fibrotic characteristics, we want to make sure we are not DEFICIENT in them.  Lately I have been pounding on D3 simply because it is being tied to more and more maladies AND researchers are discovering that huge numbers of people are simply very deficient when it comes to D3.  It turns out that there are studies indicating that D3 both upregulates TNF-Alpha (an inflammatory cytokine) AND is anti-inflammatory at the same time.  That makes it pretty unique.  It does this by performing as an immunomodulator which focuses TNF-Alpha's wrath on the bad guys rather than allowing it to run amock.

4)  Food is a biggie also.  No adays we KNOW that high fructose corn syrup, for example, CAUSES diabetes.  Enough said.  We shouldn't be putting such things in our bodies.  I could go down a list.  And from food, we could go on and on.  Smoking, excessive drinking, recreational drugs, abuse of prescription drugs.  Hello?  Sorry to be preachy on this, but none of these things are going to help your Peyronie's issue.  And I KNOW it is at times virtually IMPOSSIBLE to implement a healthy diet and lifestyle in our screwed up world so I don't think becoming fanatic about these things is a solution either.  But the more of these things we can get right, the better our chances of recovery or at least not getting worse.

5)  It goes without saying that we are all different.  So what works for one might not work for another.  And what is more beneficial for one might be less beneficial for another.  What is attainable for one might not be attainable for another.  We all have to do what we can with what we have to work with.  But I AM VERY CONFIDENT that most of us can attain a measure of success in dealing with Peyronie's until, before very long, more tools become available to us.  There is a lot of reason for hope and optimism.  I know I have months of gradually getting better at times only to hit a spot where everything seems to be falling apart.  But then you reposition yourself and start over again.  This has enabled me to beat back the effects of Peyronie's over and over and you can achieve that too as many of you already are.

6)  Iceman, I don't know what to tell you regarding Carnosine.  I certainly don't think it is something you need to take daily to derive benefit from.  But I believe personally that a deficiency in Carnosine (which is found in certain meat products) makes one more vulnerable to Peyronie's.  There is at least one study out there that I have previously cited which indicates it to be beneficial in terms of general health.  It IS an essential nutrient.  You DON'T want to be deficient in it.  Thats enough to make me want to be taking it.

I could list a lot of other points, but these are the ones that come to mind at the moment.  - George 


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TIM468 - is the regulation of glucose metabolism caused by the use of carnosine beneficial in the treatment or at least helpful in negating/reducing pain + inflammation assoc with Peyronies Disease 
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