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Author Topic: My journey with masturbation induced Pyronies and it's rehabilitation  (Read 2853 times)

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Hello members, in this post I will recount my experience with Pyronies induced by excessive masturbation. I will to go into as much detail as I can so this post will be a very long one. Please keep in mind that my explanations are purely based on my personal experimentation and my reasoning may not even be true. I am not medically qualified by any means. Regardless, I have hope this can reach people who share the same symptoms and want a personal explanation and course of action to rehabilitate the disorder.

My journey to find a treatment started in September 2015 when I first realized I have the disorder. However, this was the result of many years of excessive masturbation and also bad posture. I am currently 21 years old. At that time, I did not know what I was doing was damaging my penis so I continued with my bad habits for many years until September 2015 when I started my research on how to overcome it.

I have always struggled with my addiction to masturbation my whole life. It started as soon as I hit puberty and I have been masturbating almost daily ever since. I would download porn on my phone and secretly masturbate in my bathroom for many years. This was a secret part of my life that nobody knew about which made it worse because I couldn't bring myself to seek help from any of my family members or friends when it came to Pyronies.

My first bad encounter happened when I was 15 and blood discharged out of my penis while I was masturbating. I was petrified by this however I did not tell anybody and this continued for many years. At first blood discharge was a rare occurrence, however throughout the years these occurrences became more frequent. My masturbation addiction was so strong that seeing blood come out of my penis would not stop me from masturbating. A quick cleanup and I'm good to continue beating on my penis. During the years, I developed nodules on the top of my testicles that grew bigger and bigger. These nodules will continue to worsen which I will explain in a little bit.  At one point I finally built up the courage to go see a urologist. I had no idea what to expect and was scared from the prospect of cancer. He told me I had nothing to worry about and that I should stop masturbating. My visit to the doctor stopped me from masturbating for a week, after that I was back into my bad habit in full gear.

Fast forward to college and this is where my condition gets bad. I was masturbating daily watching porn on my computer and even twice a day. When I was masturbating I was in the same position every time which was me hyper-extending my back. I also spent many hours playing video games on the computer and the result was a hyper-extended back which dramatically cut the blood flow to my pelvic region. Alongside this I was masturbating with improper technique. I was not using any lubricant and I was gripping my penis way too hard while flexing my pelvic floor as hard as I can. Gradually, this caused my penis to "turtle". This is a term used to describe when the penis retracts and is hard during the flaccid state. I slowly started losing sensation in my penis. My penis had developed a sever curvature to the left. I developed plaque around the shaft of my penis where the bend occurs. The plaque on my penis was so developed that I could pinch on to it with my fingers. I lost about 3 inches in length and 2 inches in girth. I couldn't perform with my sexual partners because my pelvic floor was so tense I would orgasm in a matter of seconds. My orgasms were extremely weak and I barely got any satisfaction from reaching orgasm. The nodules on my testicles worsened and I also developed varicose veins in my penis and testicles as a result of reduced blood flow to the pelvic area. I also started experiencing testicular atrophy which I believe was induced by varicose veins. I visited a urologist again and was told that I had nothing to worry about unless I was planning to have kids which left me feeling frustrated and helpless.

To make matters worse, my sex drive reduced dramatically and I had difficulty performing sexually. I was in 4 sexual relationships during this time all of which ended with embarrassment because of my condition.  This is when I fell into severe depression. I never opened up about it and it consumed my whole life. I would be thinking about my condition every moment of every day and the more I thought about it the more I hated the state I was in. 

I have spent countless hours researching this disorder online and I have probably browsed every webpage with any information relating to Pyronies.  There is surprisingly very little information about Pyronies and it is a shame that there is so much ambiguity surrounding the disorder. In cases of masturbation induced Pyronies, the curvature is the result of an extremely tight pelvic floor. The pelvic floor will tighten up when you are constantly clenching it which cuts the blood flow from the penis. This causes the veins to calcify and harden which makes the penis less flexible on one side so it develops a curve.

The main exercise that helped me was edging. Instead of masturbating, I would edge while trying maintain proper technique by not squeezing my penis too hard and relaxing my pelvic floor. This is difficult at first, but as you progress you will find it easier to control your tight muscles. To help, whenever you feel like you pelvic floor tightens up, apply pressure with your other hand to your perineum(the area between your anus and scrotum). You should be aiming to stretch your pelvic floor as hard as you can throughout the whole process. This will encourage your pelvic floor to loosen up and allow blood to adequately flow to the penis. 

Alongside edging I was constantly performing pelvic floor exercises. I would spend 5 mins every night before sleep doing reverse Kegels. I would perform about 5 sets of 10 repetitions of reverse Kegels and end it with a single reverse Kegel holding it as long as I can.  This would become a habit and I am now performing reverse Kegels throughout the day whenever I’m waiting on the bus or just sitting in class.

In addition, every time I take a pee I try to force out the urine as fast as possible by preforming a strong reverse Kegel throughout.

I also found it to be helpful to perform abdominal stretches. I would try to fix my bad posture by flexing my lower abdominal muscles and obliques and try to force as much blood as possible around the pelvic area. I recommend standing naked in front of a mirror and really try to learn your body and learn how to contract every muscle. Put your hands on your but cheeks and push out your abdomen and stretch out all the fibrous tissue built up. This should be slightly painful as you want to make sure you are actually stretching out the calcified regions. Make sure to put enough tension and hold it long enough (at least 2 minutes).  Furthermore, doing these stretches in a hot shower can really stimulate blood flow.

I have seen huge improvements in my condition over the past several months. I tried to hold off on making this post as long as possible until I was certain that I made big progress with my condition. I am now experiencing more intense orgasms and harder erections. My curvature has decreased by about 20 degrees and is less noticeable than ever. I regained an inch in length and half an inch in girth. The varicose veins are almost completely cleared out. My penis is finally soft in the flaccid state and now hangs (no longer turtled).

I have been lurking this forum for many years but finally decided to sign up and share my journey with you guys.  I am eager to hear your ideas and experiences with the disorder.



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Wow very happy to read this! As it sounds so much like my condition! Super happy for you bro! Could you explain how you performed the reverse kegels? Also how long did you have turtleing, I am experiencing that now really badly! And did you take any medications? Cheers buddy


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Did you ever have a high-res ultrasound done to see if you actually had peyronies plaque and where did you find the information on the techniques you used? There is so much stuff out on the Internet claiming to be effective and most of it is [email protected] Having tried quite a bit of the [email protected] myself, I would like to see some medical literature on the exercises you are describing. While it appears that resolving peyronies is different for just about everybody since plaque in one person won't respond to a treatment, but will be successful in another; it is difficult to identify what is worthwhile and what isn't.
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