Huge success with the basic treaments!!

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How long did you have Peyronies Disease when you began to see the improvement? 
Discovered Peyronies in my penis in May of 2014.
I have seen extremely slow improvement between when I began treatment (July 2014 - February 2016).
This week I saw a great improvement (Feb 2016).

What actually improved? 
Hard-flaccid: HUGE improvement. It's 99% gone.
Flaccid curve: Again, HUGE improvement, almost totally gone.
Soft glans / uninflated glans: Still not 100% hard but a f'^+'ing huge improvement. This one makes me really happy.
Flaccid dent: big improvement, almost totally gone.
Flaccid plaque hardness/size: big improvement!! feels softer and smaller every day since last Thursday (5 days ago).
Morning Wood: Yesterday morning I had a RAGING MORNING WOOD HARD ON for over an HOUR. I have not had morning wood since August of 2014.
Erect Curve: Big improvement. At my worst I had a curve of about 15 degrees, it's almost totally straight now.
Erect Dent: Again a good improvement. Still there but getting better every day.

What treatments did you use and when? 
In the beginning I used all kinds of supplements: POTABA, Pentox, Fish Oil, L-Arginine, L-Cartnitine, etc. etc. You name it, i took it.
At one point I was takine 40+ pills per day and ended up burning my esophagus because some pills didnt make it all the way down.
For the past year I have only taken Pentox + Fish oil regularly. I sometimes mix L-Arginine powder into a protein shake in the morning.
One thing I do that I think most others don't is I apply heat to my penis for about 8+ hours every day.

What is your gut feeling about the improvement being related to spontaneous improvement or the result of some treatment? 
My gut feeling ranks the following activities in order of importance for my improvement:
1. Applying 8+ hours of heat to the penis every day.
2. VED (I do not use the protocol mentioned on this site, I use my own which I will explain below).
3. Pentox (400mg x 3 daily).
4. Heavy barbell squats and deadlifts for strengthening pelvic muscles and glutes (very important!!).

State whether improvement in functional erections seems permanent, or if it is the result of ongoing use of a prescriptions or supplements.
There is no doubt that the bloodflow in my penis is drastically improved. It went from hard and stuff to the touch, to completely soft and floppy. Before if i laid on my back, my penis would stretch and roll to the right, on the side where my plaque is located. Now when I lay down my penis hangs straight down. The plaque is no longer pulling my penis to the side in its flaccid state, and barely pulls it to the right in the erect state. I suspect that since I have seen a huge increase in bloodflow that this will improve greatly over time.

What did I do differently?
Here's the protocol I followed:

1 - Apply heat 8+ Hours per day
I use air-activated hand warmers (HotHands brand, can be purchase in bulk on Amazon) to warm my penis throughout the day. I buy the non-stick kind. I secure the hand warmer to my penis using an elastic hair tie. You can try different types of hair ties to secure the heat pack to your penis - it's important you find one that doesn't cut off circulation! The point is to heat the tissues, make the tissues softer and more pliable, which will allow blood to better penetrate into the distal end of the penis. I believe peyronies is a bloodflow problem at its core and getting your dick nice and warm and keeping it that way throughout the day is a great way to achieve that goal. I find 1 heat pack lasts my entire work day, so I can be treating my peyronies while at work, without having to mess with the impossible logistics of attaching a stretcher to my dick.

Make sure your penis is fully warmed up before doing any kind of treatment or manipulation.
Gonna masturbate? Warm your dick up with a heat pack.
Gonna have sex? Warm it up.
Going to pump / do VED treatment? Warm it up.
You have to make sure you're fully warm before you manipulate your penis. Cold penis -> sub-optimal blood flow -> more damage, less healing. Also guys who are prone to lymphatic issues when pumping, PLEASE HEAT UP YOUR DICK BEFORE PUMPING. I have never ever had any lymph issues when using my VED (and as you know i go to 99% pump) and i strongly believe this is because I always fully heat up my dick before pumping. You need to thin out the lymphatic fluid by heating it up the lymph fluid itself along with the lymph vessels, so the fluid can move more freely. ALSO after pumping sessions please check your veins and whatnot for hard/built up vessels. You should work the fluid back toward the base of your penis with your fingertips to ensure you don't get any blocked lymph vessels, etc. Also reheat your penis after pumping to ensure all the fluids get thinned out and moving again.

When pumping, go for a 99% pump
I do 15-minute pump sessions, with 15 second hold-times. I will slowly pump until the penis doesnt want to engorge anymore, then flex my penis hard, hold for 15 seconds, then release pressure. By flexing the penis, you expand the blood vessels slightly. Then when you pump back up, you should be able to inflate your penis just a bit more than before. Repeat over and over until you reach maximum inflation/erection. Once I reach maximum inflation, I pump to 99% of a full natural erection. This, in my opinion, is the only way VED is going to help remodel your scar tissue. You have to push your penis past its limits to get back to where you want to be. Over time, by expanding the blood vessels and using blood thinners like Pentox, etc. you will allow blood to penetrate into narrowed/fibrotic vessels. Once the blood gets into these narrowed vessels, you flex your penis or pump it up tot 99% to expand them. We need to not think about stretching tissue on the macro level, focus on stretching the tiny blood vessels inside your penis that have been closed off as a result of fibrosis.

Be careful!!! some days your penis wont want to fully expand or it just wont cooperate with the pumping. It's ok. Just do some heat treatment and try again tomorrow.

Get off your a$$ and exercise
I'm not going to do a full writeup on this because Mehdi's 5x5 strength training program explains it perfectly. Please google the program and follow it. There is an EXCELLENT android phone app for this program called StrongLifts which allows you to track your progress over time. I strongly believe sitting in a chair 24x7 is bad for circulation in our midsection and contributes to problems with sexual health. Do HEAVY SQUATS AND DEADLIFTS WITH PROPER FORM. You wont regret it!

What happened?
Last thursday night I was pumping to 99% as I normally do, and I reached maximum inflation and held for 15 seconds. I did this for about 3 reps, and on the 3rd or 4th rep I felt a slit 'shifting' in the head of me penis, and then the blood vessels in the underside of my penis just under the glans began to sting. I thought to myself 'ive done it now.. i f'^+'Erectile Dysfunction my dick up permanently'. As I pulled my dick out of the VED, I noticed something: the hourglassing and denting I had previously was much less noticeable. And my dick felt heavier. And.. HOLY crap!! it's not instantly shriveling up and becoming hard-flaccid! In fact the penis remained quite soft, but full, and when I felt for my plaque it was still there, but felt softer and more difficult to localize. There was some decent pain in the penis, especially in the veins i mentioned, but having Peyronie's im no stranger to pain in the dick, so whatever. Each day that goes by the pain becomes less and less.

Over the next few days, every day when I woke up my penis had improved. It was softer, squishier, more full of blood. and BEST OF ALL I GOT f'^+'ing MORNING WOOD YESTERDAY!! I GOT A f'^+'ing HARD ERECTION! Hard enough to hang a towel from (it's always been my personal test ;) ). I have been in such a great mood ever since. I had sex with my girlfriend and she could barely handle the dick it was so big and hard! She kept saying how big it felt, and commented how she could feel the glans/head was full and harder than before.

Anyway, I'm praying to god that this isn't a temporary improvement. But I can say that over the past 5 days, I've woken up every morning to an increasingly fuller, softer, more normal dick. Today the plaque feels very small. I will report back in a week to give an update.

Thanks all here for your help. I learned almost everything i know about treating peyronies from the people on this site.


Your results are very encouraging for others and myself. My improvement was much like yours, yet we have to consider ourselves fortunate. That feeling of things going back to how they used to be, simply amazing man! Congratulations. I hope you will stick around the forums even if things are looking up.

The hand warmer method is now official, thanks to you : ) Rice socks are seriously effective and easy to use, but hand warmers offer a way to have the heat on constantly even while away from home. I wonder how my penis would have been if I wore a hand warmer to work? Would have been really nice.

You mention squats, which I think have helped some people including myself as well.

Lastly I have to say that's great about the VED helping you suddenly like that. I also had an accident where the VED suddenly cleared or ruptured something in the glans, unfortunately for me it didn't end so well. Before the incident was a mild stinging and I would do anything to reverse time and take it away.

I would be careful about mentioning anything near 100% on the pump to others, but the fact that it has been working for you is wonderful and helpful information. Many of us simply can't pump to even 75%, and attempting to do so would permanently damage our penises. Anyone reading this who is new should understand that it is not normal or common to be able to pump to 100% erection at first, if ever. I could only pump to 30% or less at first and it took a lot of fussing around for a few months to understand what my penis could do in the tube and what it couldn't. Still, I ended up injured and cannot use the VED again, even adhering the the protocol and pumping to a % that I considered low. Just make sure to check yourself and be careful. Rant over ; )

Now I'm headed out to buy hand warmers.


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When I first started pumping I couldn't really pump past about 30%. I took about a year to get to where I could pump to 99%.


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I place mime under the head because that's where my plaque is. Ideally I think you should place it near the plaque, but almost anywhere is fine. I find that no matter where I place it, the entire penis will heat up eventually. I know it's fully warm when I can feel heat in my gooch/prostate area.

I usually only use one pack. I have used two packs before but it fits tightly and I worry about cutting off circulation. If you use two packs, i would recommend checking your penis for circulation every hour.


1 year update....

It's been 15 months and the progress i made a year ago is permanent. I am 100% straight now with some dents on the upper right side and bottom left side. I have not consistently used VED or traction in about 10 months and my condition has continued to improve. I think in general I have lost a little girth from how I was pre-peyronies, but I'm pretty sure that if I really wanted to, I could restore the girth with consistent traction and VED therapy. The soft glans I had experienced previously is gone and has not come back.

my Erectile Dysfunction has been steadily improving over time. I don't have any proof but I think barbell squats were really crucial in my recovery. The improved blood flow, increased strength, increased testosterone, and the feeling you get from increasingly heavier weight were all instrumental in getting my mind right. You won't recover without working on your mental state first.

My advice to anyone reading this: stop masturbating. Just completely stop. Do not use porn. If you have peyronie's, you have to be very selective about how you use your junk as an injury could occur at any time. Your mind and your partner(s) will benefit from it also. I believe my Erectile Dysfunction was due mainly to using porn and masturbating too aggressively. Be gentle with your dicks guys, you only have one. sex with a person is what it wants, it doesn't want you to yank on it while you stare at pixels on a screen. Since I have stopped masturbating, I have had zero hard flaccid. Hard flaccid was the worst for me psychologically, so I'm really thankful that I was able to address this problem.

I still get the odd pain and my dick gets sore if I have sex  more than a couple times a week, but it seems to recover well. I think if I take good care of it over the next year and keep things exercised with 2-3 ved sessions per week, I will be close to 100% recovered.

I would say right now I'm about 85% recovered.

Happy to answer any questions. I check in from time to time.


One thing on those handwarmers. The temperatures used in the hyperthermia studies were 39-41 celsius. I have clocked those handwarmers at 45-47 at times so it is something to be mindful of.
This is an emotionally destructive condition, we all have it, let's be nice to each other.

Review of current treatment options by Levine and Sherer]


Quote from: skunkworks on September 30, 2017, 08:29:00 AM
I always pump to basically the level of the best erection I could achieve without the VED, maybe a touch past that. Is that 100% ?

Yeah a super solid natural erection is 100%. I usually try to briefly hit 101% to ensure the scar tissue is getting a good stretch.

All, be on the lookup for an update thread from me. All the improvements i mentioned in my original post have been maintained for the last year. However I still have some denting/tapering and flaccid curve that I would like to correct.

I'm going to start up VED therapy, as well as heated traction. I'm going to try to do some video tutorials as well to make the process more clear. Stay tuned...

Edit: I also want to mention that my Erection Quality is not great. I can usually get about 80 - 85% hard when I masturbate. I can get ~90% when I'm with a woman. However maintaining an erection for longer than 10 mins, or without constant stimulation is still a struggle. This + the denting/tapering is why I will be restarting the protocol shortly.


Quote from: pey ron on April 03, 2018, 02:47:49 AM
weren't you already doing that in 2016?

Yes, but I haven't been doing VED for about a year.


Quote from: 2019myyearrr on April 03, 2018, 07:18:11 PM
Was your erection quality better when you were pumping in the beginning?

EQ degraded over time and then improved a lot (there was a point at which I could not get an erection at all) after I really figured out how to use the VED effectively.

If you're wondering if the diminished EQ is a result of VED, I don't know. I do know that I had EQ issues before I even knew what a VED was, so my EQ issues certainly didn't start with the VED.

I haven't heard of any medical literature that would suggest VED can hurt EQ, but if anyone knows of something, pelase share it.


Quote from: 2019myyearrr on April 04, 2018, 10:20:19 AM
So all in all you would say that VED is good for EQ? How is your erection quality now?

Yeah, it 100% fixed my soft glans syndrome. Definitely helped the EQ overall. Unassisted, I can get about 80% as hard as I could when I was around 20 years old. Which is decent. I am sure part of it is aging (29 now) and the fact that I have low testosterone (recently tested at 216 ng/dl).

I am looking to potentially go on TRT to see if that helps. But first I'm going to lose some weight (250 right now @ 6'4, I should be about 195 before I start looking into TRT).


Quote from: mikes on April 04, 2018, 05:07:01 PM
I would stick to getting a lot of sun, earthing and a lot weight lifting if I were you.

Agreed for the most part. I'm going to try and get it back into healthy ranges naturally.

However the claim that TRT will cause you to cease test production permanently is false. Maybe in some rare cases, that's true, but bodybuilders and such cycle on and off exogenous test all the time and regain normal test production. Not saying you or your doc is wrong, I'm sure it happens in some rare cases. But with proper administration and PCT (post cycle therapy, usually Clomid/HcG to restart the HPTA) most guys will get back to producing test naturally.


Hi all, just a little tip of the hand warmer because it works really well for me. Just wear two pairs of underwear and fit it between the two layers to be best positioned over the plaque area. As mentioned, these things can get hot so be careful not to stick directly to the skin. If you do traction then its also the easiest way to do both and hold the traction device better. Good luck all!
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