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Surgery for dents?

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Can dents be filled in through surgery or can they only correct a curve?


Surgery can straighten your penis, so in some cases that may reduce the appearance of dents. However, there is no surgery that can actually fill out a dent to my knowledge.

Your best bet is to ask a specialist what he thinks about your case. For dents, VED, traction, supplements and life style changes.
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Two weeks ago my Urologist told me surgical correction of my curvature was not an option as I also have coexisting hourglassing.

Apparently, any surgical curvature correction is contraindicated in cases where hourglassing exists as well. (infers nothing can be done surgically with hourglass)

Therefore, as NeoV says, I am on VED (switched from traction) and orals to focus on the hourglass, as that is probably my priority, as that's what makes it look much worse and also is the cause of the lack of stability / rigidity in erections (hinging)



I had one indentation on the left side. It was taken care of in my surgery with Dr Kuehhas. He's not cheap, but worth seeing if you want to go down that road.


Interesting thanks...

I wonder if that therefore amounts to two Urological Surgeons contradicting each other, or whether one dent on one side (like yours) means surgery is a viable option, whereas my hourglass (two large dents, one on each side directly opposing each other to create a true hourglass) means surgery is not an option.

Having read yours and other very positive reports on Dr Kuehhas ...... if surgery was on the cards, I would definitely choose him rather than the NHS  :)



I don't know much about available NHS surgeons, or available surgical techniques. But, I can only advise you to avoid plication, or Nesbitt technique.

Franklin Kuehhas is a great surgeon. If that's the route you decide to go down, you can't find better. Not cheap, but you only have one dick!...


If I was able to get an erection, and able to have intercourse...... I don't know if I would take the risk or surgery to fix a dent.
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I will second LWillisjr regarding surgery.
I want also to say that my 3 dents (hourglasses) disappeared after using VED, Pentox and low dose Cialis

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You can get ultrasound scanning of the penis done to rule out any serious lesion. A simple penis traction device, used properly, will normally remedy penis curvature due to scarring in about 6-12 months. The results are permanent. Have you tried?