Alternative treatments that showed significant improvement for me

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Hi everyone,
I just feel I should share this here, but as a disclaimer must also state clearly that I am not a doctor or health professional, and I am not aware of any research ever been done in regard to these simple treatments I used.
My hour glass symptoms appeared only about 18 month ago and it took me awhile before coming across this site and taking definite action.
I tried a number of supplements (vitamin E, C, D) and my Urologist even did encourage these, cautioning me that these alone would not help, and that surgery might be an option.
I then recalled that I once had a bone outgrowth on my foot, and that surgery was recommended. Someone suggested getting a series of reflexology treatments. At first I did not trust at all, that just pressing some nerve ending pressure points, (similar to acupuncture) would make any difference. However, to my surprise, after a few treatments, the bone outgrows, even though never touched during the reflexology treatments, completely disappeared and I was fine since, without any surgery.

... so I told this reflexology practitioner about my peyronies condition, and took a series of treatment sessions from her, about six times I went to her.
In addition I went to an osteopath who I had seen before. He said, because scar tissue is involved, I can try to do a squeeze and release self treatment that usually helps with scar tissue and loosens it up and can even remove it. (starting at the base, above the deformation/scar tissue location, with thumb on one side or top and two fingers on the other side or bottom, with the other hand as support, and very, very firmly squeeze while slowly moving down and over and past the deformation and all the way to the tip of the penis, and making sure to release by letting the fingers slide off all the way at the end beyond the tip of the penis, ... and repeating this a few times, ideally 6 to 8 times, on a regular basis, perhaps twice a day or at least once a day. He said strong pressure cannot hurt the scar tissue but can loosen it and let it break up and release.

These two rather unconventional treatments over a few weeks only, actually showed fairly rapid and substantial results, in that now there is only a very slight and subtle, soft, flexible dent, hardly noticeable, and not one that reduces my ability to have sex and fully enjoy it again.
Again, it worked for me, it may not work for you, and if you try it you are doing so at your own risk.
I recommend consulting an osteopath and a reflexology practitioner.
Best wishes, and be Well


My ex tried that on me for a little while, but no luck for me.......glad it's working for you though.
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I really want to believe it but it's a bit hard when it's your very first post.
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