2 Surgeries in, Still Curved - Everyday I'm Just Angry Now

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Hey everyone,

I'm an 18 year old (almost 19), and my whole life I've had a ~55 degree bend.  Last February I had surgery to correct it (Nesbit plication).  2 months after the surgery the results were not ideal, but then I blew out a stitch which made was was a probable failure of a surgery into a complete failure.

So then this Christmas I had another surgery, same surgeon.  (He's pretty much the best in my coverage by far).  Woke up to hear that the stitches were placed very well, and when they tested the correction during the surgery, it was very straight and held up even at very high pressures.  I was ecstatic. 

Fast forward about a two weeks, and I feel my erection in the middle of the night.  It's pretty much the same as before.  I say to myself that it's just temporary right?  Maybe things need to just heal and it'll be okay.  Theres no way in my mind that I could still be curved.

But now, its almost 2 months later, and the curve actually seems worse.  And the mental effects of this entire ordeal have just really caught up with me now.  I mean, after a life of constantly being ashamed of my dick I was fine.  When the first surgery failed I was even doing okay, keeping up.  But now, I wake up angry.  I go about my day angry, and go to bed angry.  I'm not an angry person, I hardly get upset with anything.

But this, its just too much.  I feel so robbed of everything.  I'm in college right now, and my friends and people I know can just have sex when they want, and its easy and simple.  Its just simply sex for them.  But every sexual experience I've had has been a complex production of mental gymnastics to try to forget the pain and the shame.  I see the phrase, "this ruined my sex life", well I guess I'm lucky, because I didn't even get to have a sex life to ruin in the first place. 

I am just drained.  I don't even know what to do or what is wrong.

Like the left side of my dick is so constricted and tight feeling, the entire left corporal body is just atrophied or something - like its just covered in collegen or whatever.  But the right side is full, spongey, and softer feeling.  And I swear that there is just something unique or unheard of or unresearched about it.

Because the thing is my surgeon is the biggest no-BS man I know.  I know I left the OR with a F^@$!ng perfect penis and something happened or something about something else causes this.  But maybe I won't ever know.

I just don't know what to do anymore.  I'd honestly be dead if I wasn't stopped by the thought of how pathetic it would be to kill myself over this.  I don't know where to turn anymore.



I would be pissed too. I would look for somebody else and I would look at what recourse you have for a malpractice suit, especially if the second surgery stitches failed.


I will second QuackAttack
In my opinion, you should find a good surgeon, especially one that makes other surgery and not Nesbit.
And yes, find a good lawyer also, it may finance you a surgery let's say with Dr. Kuehass
You may find some good surgeon close to you here:
Regarding insurance, write a PM to Stabler67. She is our specialist in the subject.

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We are many out there, so many..the cure or what is supposed to be the cure is actually worse than the disease. And no one looks noticing it.. every time the same excuse..my first failure, never heard about this and so on. I wonder when this slaughter will ever end..
STAGE can be failure as well, mine failed, especially when it comes to already operated penises..it might not be proper to straighten fibrotic and tight and inelastic penises..

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I am so sorry this happened to you. You were born with a medical condition you couldn't help and you sought what should have been competent medical treatment to cure it. Perfectly reasonable and you did nothing wrong. So don't beat yourself up or talk down to yourself like you did something wrong. This is simply the situation you're in, your challenge to overcome. It may not be fair but thats the truth if the matter. Don't think about your peers just focus on how you can best help yourself. At the end of the day only you can decide what should be done to your body. I wouldn't let that surgeon touch me again if I were you though
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Just horrible! What is the Surgeon opinion now on why your condition seems worse?
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Guys, the original post is from 2016.We haven't heard anything from him. Take it easy.

Bubba dawg

5 Rounds of Xiaflex. Good results.

I am known to give out false information and post nonsense with little to no evidence to back up my claims.
I have ignored several warnings. Further reports to the moderators or Administrators and I will be banned.


Your feelings are 100% valid. Under the anger there is probably intense fear and deep sadness. Men are conditioned to automatically turn sadness and fear into rage. You've mentioned thinking about killing yourself which is really concerning. Apart from this forum is there someone you can  talk to about this issue to vent your emotions and get another perspective? A tight-lipped friend or maybe a counselor at your school?

You can certainly pursue more remedies, and you may have future success, but have you ever thought of also putting some effort into dealing with the emotions that arise from having this condition?

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