Congenital curvature, considering surgery.

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Well I've had a curved penis since I can remember. Its around 45 degrees to the left.
I never had a problem having sex or anything, but I would love it to be straight as sometimes it can pop out during sex/ hard to guide in etc.
Also it affects me psychologically, although erections are fine.
I have been looking in this site lately and have decided to look into surgery. I have tried VED in the past with no success. I have a male edge extender, but only used it for a week or so. I have decided to wait until after a consultation and take advice on it before continuing. I did notice that when using it all of the stretching force was on the shorter left side, as expected. The last thing I want is to develop peyronies as a result of traction.

Just thought I would share my story, never told anyone this before now.


Hello and thank you for sharing your story. We of course always say surgery should be a last resort but if you choose this route, make sure to choose a surgeon with experience, research them, this is not something to be taken lightly.

Please keep us updated on your progress and I am sure our other members will have excellent advise to help you

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Congenital curvature is something different. You may find that traction will help to an extent, but it must be used every day for several hours to have any chance of giving you any results.

My own feeling is that there will be only one option if you wish to correct a congenital curvature of 45 degs and that will be surgery. But, yes, wait to see what your Urologist says.


Have consultation next week with Doctor Kuehhas. Fingers crossed...

BTW, I will NOT be doing surgery unless I can keep my foreskin. I dont mind putting up with fluid etc, just as long as it is still there when all is said and done.


Ok, so the consultation with Dr Kuehhas went very well. Confirmed congenital curve, measured at 70-80degrees. No peyronies or scarring/calcification/fibrosis thankfully.
Penis is perfectly healthy, he measured bloodflow/leakage, erection strength and all was perfect (apart from the curve of course)
Dr Kuehhas told me that if I didnt get surgery I would most likely develop peyronies in later years due to the pressure placed on the curve during intercourse.

Surgery has been booked in March, fingers crossed it all goes well. I am going to have surgery in his clinic in Vienna. It is either 8000 pounds sterling in London (approx 10700euro) or 8000euro in Vienna. Might as well have a nice trip in Austria and save a few euros aswell. The travel and accommodation costs are approx 600euro from Ireland to Vienna, and were around 550euro to London.

Here's hoping all goes well on the day...



Wish you successful outcome. :)
You are in good hands

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