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  Hi, my HIV story. i found out i have HIV a little over 2 years ago and it completely change my life because i was so scared and lost. In reality i was worried about my social life and love life. I live on different medications and drugs, which came back as worrysom side effect. But lately 5months ago i stumbled upon one Dr Okunta herbal medicine care. I contacted him and explain my issues to the herbalist doctor, i got their offer for 3 bottles of Dr okunta herbal purify. I started the treatment with little hope but within the first month all hope was restored, i went for test and to the surprise of my doctor, the result came out NEGATIVE. i doubted this miracle and went for two more test and all came out NEGATIVE. from that moment i knew Dr okunta has treatment for all STD, CANCER< HERPES etc. I would suggest this to everyone honestly. It's easy and I'm a living proof that it works. I know how hard it is when you just get diagnosed and just wanted to let you know that there are ways to deal with it!
try to contact himplease on:




While your story is a happy one I wonder if you realize this is a forum for Peyronies and not HIV.

Good luck to you
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It's a blatant piece of marketing hype. The first mod who sees it will delete it...