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I have had an injury at the base of my penis while using the VED. I was on a full erection and then placed some weight on top of the device (rested my hand) which put some strain on the base of my organ. I have had some dull pain ever since (14 days today) and had been taking anti-inflammatories for 10 days. I also started taking serrapeptase continuing to this day.

My worry is of course that in 2-3 months time a lump will be formed in the area which could become a plaque. What would you propose I do to prevent this situation? Advice on lifestyle, foods to avoid, supplements etc are all welcome. Should I avoid intercourse/masturbation?

For one thing I won't be using the VED for some time in fear of deterioration. I am on PENTOX 2x/day, ginger, ALC, CoQ10, L-Citruline, vitamin E, MgCl, pycnogenol. I have reduced my sugar consumption to almost 0, avoid processed foods, meat, cheese, and focus on vegetables, fruit and fish. My sleep is not that good in general. I also spend a lot of time sitting down on an office chair. I know that exercise and the sun help a lot (my condition was almost non-existent in the past summer) but it's the winter again over here.

Thank you in advance. (I hope this post is in the right place, wasn't sure where it fits exactly.)


Sounds like everything you are doing is reasonable. If something hurts don't do it.

Just work on trying to get more sleep and keep stress down.  Lifestyle issues can be tough.