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I am seeking advice and suggestions. I have been taking Pentox and L-Arginine since May but neither have done anything. In fact my Peyronie's has still progressed even with me being on them. I would like to add other medicine, supplements or herbs. I'm not sure what to add. It's really weird because while I've had Peyronie's for almost year I have no plaque.


Go to Costco and get their big bottle of magnesium (250 mg each) and take 1000+ mg per day spread out. I am taking a product called Blockbuster All Clear, don't know how much help yet, but I am only 5 months in and I haven't increased in curvature, in fact, I think I have gone from about 50-55 degrees to 45-50 degrees with traction added. Here is a link to the Blockbuster and Robert Redfern's treatment plan.  Do some research on this guy (a Brit) he has gotten great results for a hole host of problems although I don't know of anybody saying that this worked for their peyronies.

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Powerful enzyme & serrapeptase formula



I read through Robert's treatment plan and all I can say is wow. There are so many things to take and do I don't know where I'd even start.


Personally I prefer snake oil 8)
The treatment in the link is excellent for the book author bank account 8)

Age 71, Peyronies from Jan 2009 following penis fracture during sex. Severe Erectile Dysfunction.
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