low intensity shockwave therapy now on FDA trial in SDSM, California

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This is one of the 3 "alternative" treatments, along with Endostim (CO 2 injections) and Rejuvaheart (sequential compression cuffs used to stimulate blood flow), that Dr Morganstern uses.



I think the video's pretty accurate - for some men with mild to moderate Erectile Dysfunction (and/or Peyronies), this is a viable treatment.  It goes in the same category as VED, Traction, Carboxy, etc... rehab therapies that will benefit some, but not everyone, over time.

In my case, after a year of treatments w/Dr Morganstern, my penis is pretty much straight and close to it's original length/girth.  If not for continuing issues w/Erectile Dysfunction (which began about 5 years before Peyronies diagnosis), I'd be shouting from the rooftops for everyone to try this.  Still, I'm happy with the progress I made and am hopeful for the future.


ray-zee you had a year of shockwave treatments with Morganstern? I'd love to hear more about that if you have time. If you could start your own thread about it, it is a topic many people are very interested in.
This is an emotionally destructive condition, we all have it, let's be nice to each other.

Review of current treatment options by Levine and Sherer]


My apologies Skunkworks, the post below is misleading.

Dr Morganstern treated me for a year - I started with a month plus of Shockwave (4 or 5 treatments, cost $3k not covered by insurance) followed by 11 months of Endostim (20 CO2 injections, approx. twice monthly, mostly covered by insurance).  Was simultaneously doing VED, Phallosan traction, while also taking daily Cialis, high dose L Arginine along with other supplements.  Improvement was gradual (as is to be expected with conservative treatments) and it's impossible to know which treatment provided what benefit.

What all these treatments (Shockwave, Carboxy, VED, Traction) have in common is they work by causing low level damage triggering the bodies natural healing response.